Holistic Health Tips, Your Body As A Garden; Natural Medicine For Wellness

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Desiree Scorcelletti, a holistic health educator from Austin, Texas, provides an interesting analogy of your body being a garden, and you being the gardener. Through this video, she discusses an alternative holistic natural way of perceiving our notions of health and wellness.

When the garden gets infested with worms or fungi, we tend to run them down using pesticides or fungicides, similar to the way we treat our symptoms through modern medicine (Allopathy). Symptoms are a manifestation of an inner problem, the root cause of an imbalance in our body, which needs to be addressed.

She urges us to look at our body as a well oiled system, constantly on the path of self correcting, and healing, and if we provide what it needs, it will reward us back with utmost health.

We need to wrest control of our health, into our own hands, to harness the power to not only come out of sickness, but get into wellness.