The Hidden Internal Dangers Of Belly Fat

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Belly fat can wrap itself around the liver, causing the liver to convert it into cholesterol. This directly injects cholesterol into the bloodstream, increase heart disease and stroke risk. This type of fat also increases inflammation and glucose levels. Indulge in regular exercises and include apples, leafy greens, pulses and resveratrol rich foods to your diet to burn belly fat.

Dangers of Belly Fat

You may have belly fat, even if your BMI is normal or lower than required. This becomes a tricky situation as there is ambiguity about the need to exercise, as many believe a normal BMI means they’re not fat. But BMI doesn’t consider the amount of belly fat, which is a dangerous element. Fat around the stomach can wrap itself around vital organs around the region like your kidney and liver. The liver can convert this fat into cholesterol and directly inject it into the bloodstream, from where they move to regions around the heart and cause hardening and blocking of the arteries. This increases heart disease and stroke risk exponentially and can also increase insulin resistance. This kind of fat also increases glucose levels, inflammation and reduces muscle mass.
To reduce belly fat include apples, cinnamon, olive oil, pulses, leafy greens and resveratrol rich foods to your diet. Team that up with regular brisk walks, cardio and resistance training. Indulge in stress busting activities, yoga and meditation on a regular basis.

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