10 Heart Disease Symptoms You Just Ignore

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1. Dizziness And Shortness Of Breath

Breathlessness can indicate heart disease when you are not suffering from asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Dizziness is a symptom too.

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2. Sickness

Indigestion, stomach pain, vomiting or feeling sick can also occur during heart attacks.

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3. Pressure

A feeling of pressure or like something pressing or tightening around your chest area is a symptom of heart disease.

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4. Chest Pain

While not all chest pain has to with heart, it is important to pay attention to where exactly the pain is coming from. Heart related pain is often centred on the breastbone, a little to the left of the centre. It can cause discomfort and excruciating pain.

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5. Unusual Pain Elsewhere

Heart disease- related pain is not only confined to the chest. It can start from the chest and reach up to the neck and jaw. According to a study, many patients with an attack were admitted to hospitals without a chest pain or discomfort.

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6. Anxiety

Anxiety or feelings of foreboding about your health, accompanied by light headedness or dizziness are signs of heart problems.

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7. Looking Ill

People who are about to suffer from a heart attack can look gravely ill. As the blood pressure drops, they look grey and observably unwell.

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8. Palpitations

Irregular or rapid heartbeat accompanied by dizziness, breathing shortness or weakness are signs of heart attack, heart failure or arrhythmia.

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9. Tiredness and Weakness

Weakness and tiredness are symptoms of heart attack. Women in particular mostly experience these symptoms.

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10. Sweating

Heart patients often break out in cold sweat prior to the attack.

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