Healing through diet by Dean Ornish

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Healing Through Diet

Dr. Dean Ornish is a physician and President/Founder of the nonprofit Preventive Medicine Research Institute in Sausalito, California, and the creator of the scientifically proven and widely adopted “Spectrum Diet”.

During this TeD talk , Dr. Dean talks about how healing is the most natural wonder and how our body has the inherent capacity to heal itself, if we stop doing things that cause the problems. He feels that the emphasis is always to treat symptoms without any understanding of the causes, leaving the door open for future manifestations.

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Dr. Ornish states that ancient perennial wisdom demonstrates that all humans had a common desire- to be happy, healthy and peaceful. Ancient spiritual leaders developed various techniques, not with an intention to reduce stress, or to be healthy, but as tools of transformation. These tools induced ways to quieten our body and mind, to experience the feeling of happiness and peace, and to enable us to understand that health need not be pursued or gained, but something that you have inside you until you disturb it. It also bestowed on us the awareness about the disturbances to our innate health and happiness, and ways to trigger our internal natural healing process to take over.

Dr. Ornish has developed a lifestyle program called the Spectrum Diet that covers Diet, stress management training through yoga/meditation, moderate exercise, social support (family/support groups/charity) and supplements to cover for nutritional deficiencies.