Hat’s Off To A Mom Who Photographed Her Own Labor and Birth

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More often than not, a pregnancy is documented for the part where the mom’s belly grows for 9 months and then a delicate little baby is shown as the closing chapter of that journey, the end of the pregnancy and beginning of the child’s life and parenthood.1

However, the pivotal part of that journey, the messy and painful labor and childbirth parts are often cut out for the previously stated adjectives.

Nevertheless, Lisa Robinson Ward a photography-lover in California dared to photograph herself in labor and giving birth and we salute her for it.

Yes, this meant shooting those moments of contractions, documenting her as she gives birth to her second child and daughter. She said it also helped her focus on the camera and take her mind off the pain.

Despite her initial doubts and qualms about the whole thing, she felt it needed to be done considering the turbulent journey she faced to even get pregnant a second time.

Wanting to give their 9-year-old boy a little brother or sister, Lisa faced two miscarriages when trying to have a second child. So, when she finally got pregnant the third time, she wanted to show her daughter’s birth through her eyes as a photographic journey, because she says, it is the “ability to tell a story through imagery”.

So she held that camera in her hands, clicked pictures of the medical equipment and as she was in labor for 14 hours. The doctor’s even encouraged her to take photos when she gives birth and her beloved husband had her back, all the way.

She thought she wouldn’t be able to even hold the camera, but she managed to take pictures even while pushing her baby out. The final clicks of her birthing journey were of their little girl, her husband’s loving look as he gazed at their bundle of joy and Lisa’s first skin-to-skin contact when breastfeeding the baby.

Almost 6 months after her daughter’s birth now, Lisa still looks at these photos as it takes her back to the time her daughter was born. She still recalls every single emotion she felt, at the moment.

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