Why Hard-Boiled Eggs Help You Lose Weight

Are hard boiled eggs good for weight loss

Are hard boiled eggs good for weight loss

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Are Hard Boiled Eggs Good For Weight Loss?

Eggs are nutritious and are rich in protein. With 6g of protein in an egg, it takes care of 12 percent of the daily dietary requirement of protein. Higher the protein in the food, higher the satiety and lower the energy consumption. Egg is a high thermic food that boosts metabolism which again contributes to weight loss. While egg is an ideal breakfast to shed extra kilos when on a diet, have them hard boiled because any other cooking style could add calories to the dish.

We know eggs are nutritious1but what makes it a preferred breakfast option around the world is perhaps its versatility and its ability to fill you up instantly and keep you satiated for long so that you are not craving for the next meal too much too soon. But what you probably do not know about eggs is that they can be your best buddy in your bid to lose a few pounds. Surprised? Well, we are surprised, too.

Try Hard Boiled Eggs To Lose Weight

We’ve already spoken about egg’s versatility that makes it the queen of the kitchen, but if weight loss is on your mind, sunny side up won’t make you feel all that sunny. We say, stick to one style, which is hard boiled! Here’s why:

Low In Calories

For all the essential nutrients it provides, eggs are surprisingly low in calories. With just 70 calories per egg2an eggilicious brekkie, that typically contains 2-3 eggs, add just about 200 calories to your diet. And you know cutting down on calories is the first step to becoming lighter.

But here’s the catch. Whether you like it or not, you need to stick to hard boiled eggs because any other style of cooking can alter the calorie content of the meal, especially if it involves frying.

High In Protein

Eggs are a protein-rich food. With around 6g of protein per egg (almost 12 percent of daily protein requirement), it is the best bet if you are on a weight loss diet. Most diet plans, including the popular ones like Atkins diet, strongly recommend high-protein-low-carb meals to shed those extra kilos.

In a study conducted to find out if weight loss or body weight management depended on this magic diet of high protein and low carbs, it was found that weight loss and weight management depended on the high protein component of the diet but had very little to do with the low carb part of it.3

Another study on the effect of a high protein diet on weight loss, it was found that a diet low in fat and high in protein enhanced weight loss and helped maintain reduced fat stores in the abdomen for a long time.4

High On Satiety Index

Much of the egg’s weight loss property can be dedicated to its protein content. Foods high in protein, fiber and water are known to promote satiety while satiety is negatively associated with fat content and palatability. Egg is one of the foods that features high on satiety index.5

In a study conducted to assess the satiety value of egg, it was found that egg is one of the best breakfast choices for its satiety property alone. The egg has a 50 percent greater satiety index in relation to other breakfast choices like white bread or ready-to-eat breakfast cereal. It was noticed that when an egg was had for breakfast instead of a bagel breakfast of equal weight, the egg breakfast promoted better satiety which translated to a lower caloric intake at lunch. This decrease in energy consumption lasted for about 24 hours after the breakfast.

The study, however, showed that the egg breakfast did not contribute to weight loss when not following a diet or if the energy consumption was not reduced.6

It Is A High Thermic Food

Meaning, eggs boost metabolism. You already know that higher the metabolic rate or the body’s capacity to burn calories, the better the weight loss. One of the factors that contribute to daily energy expenditure is the diet-induced thermogenesis or the heat produced in the body through food. Protein plays a major role in increased thermogenesis of the body.7

Many studies8have shown the effect of a high-protein diet on increased thermogenesis in the body.

The thermic effect of food also contributes to the satiety which in turn supports weight loss and weight maintenance.9

Why We Say Hard Boiled Eggs Make The Best Breakfast

Beginning your day with an egg meal boosts metabolism, keeps you satiated for long and fills you with nutrients and takes care of your protein need for the day.

Do you really need more reasons to crack this case?

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