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Why Should You Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers?

Why Should You Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers?

Why Should You Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers?

Why Should You Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers?

Chemical fragrances can cause allergies and hormonal disruptions of triclosan and triclocarbon which are endocrine disruptors. This may aid childhood obesity and type II diabetes. Contains n-propanol, which dries skin and increases dermatitis risk. Weakens the immune system and causes antibiotic resistance obsession.

Hand sanitizers are a quick solution to germ-free hands anywhere. For most of us, it’s one of the must-have essentials  in our bags. Research and studies have however proved it otherwise. Apparently, hand sanitizers are very unhealthy for you, and also really bad for your skin. Using it too often can also accelerate aging.

Why Should You Avoid Using Hand Sanitizers?

Here’s why you should avoid using hand sanitizers:

It’s okay to use it once in a while, but re-consider it for regular use.

Unknown Chemicals

Most hand sanitizers are made up of chemical fragrances. Most of these chemical fragrances can cause allergies and hormonal disruptions.

Triggers Hormonal Changes

Both triclosan and triclocarban are endocrine disruptors. Triclosan can bind to receptor sites in the body and block normal thyroid function. Endocrine disruptors have been directly related to childhood obesity, type II diabetes and a host of other chronic health problems. Triclocarban reacts and enhances the effects of testosterone and estrogen already being produced in the body. 

Causes Dry Skin

The alcohol used in hand sanitizers contain  isopropyl, ethanol, and n-propanol. These are drying alcohols that are known to irritate the skin, strip away its natural oils, dehydrates cells and also increases risk of contact dermatitis.

Weakens The Immune System

Overuse of hand sanitizers can also weaken the immune system. When we are obsessed with being too clean, we do not expose ourselves to germs around us once a while, the immune system does not gain experience in dealing with invading pathogens. According to research, ultra-clean environments in early life can lead to reduced immune defenses later on. We become more vulnerable to allergies.

Makes Bacteria Immune To The Sanitizer

One ingredient present in all hand sanitizers is triclosan. When we use products with triclosan on a regular basis, the bacteria that these products are designed to kill end up developing an immunity to it, and sharing this immunity with other types of bacteria through DNA transfer. It is also a hazard to the environment.

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