The Girl Who Lived- World's Tiniest Newborn

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As Sabine, Emilia’s mother, entered the 25th week, she was warned by Dr Schiermerier that the placenta wasn’t failing to provide the fetus with enough nutrition. At 26 weeks of gestation, Prof Dr Sven Schiermeier, chief physician of obstetrics, had to deliver Emilia Grabarczyk via C-section due to complications in the womb. If the early delivery wasn’t in place, Emilia would have died in the womb.

Born at a hospital in Witten, Germany, the little survivor only weighed 8 ounces and measured 8.7 inches at birth. Her feet were the size of a fingernail! She set the world record for the world’s smallest baby and continues to be the resilient fighter that she is. Her whole life since birth has been a fight for survival and her parents, Sabine and Lukas Grabarcyzk refused to accept the predictions that they would loose their baby girl.

The efforts of pediatricians, gynecologists, pediatric surgeons, the parents and Emilia herself have not gone in vain. The past nine months have been trying times of uncertainty due to her low birth weight and early arrival but Emilia has fought all odds. She now weighs over 3 kilograms and is looking more hale and hearty. Advances in medical technology has given a second chance to more premature babies like Emilia, however, studies have found that some premature babies are being denied life not because of the lack of medical treatments but because of the future quality of life.


Little Emilia will have the risks of learning difficulties and increased hyperactivity but there no signs of disability.

“The assumption is evident: death is preferable to living with significant disability,” wrote Jennifer Popik, a medical ethics attorney with National Right to Life. “This bias persists despite the fact that, as the study documented, providing active treatment earlier did yield dramatically less severe impairments.”

Emilia’s parents were recently able to take her home and her story of a strong fight just goes to show to that true effort and love will not go unnoticed. This tiny baby fought for her survival and everyone around her gave her the medical care she deserved to make this miracle a reality.


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