Foods To Consume For Stronger Nails And Healthy Hair

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Diet plays a major role in acquiring healthy hair and nails. Omega 3 fatty acids, found in salmon, trout and pumpkin seeds are recommended. Consume beta carotene rich foods like sweet potatoes and spinach. Lentils and walnuts provide biotin, known to prevent hair fall. Whey protein is an excellent source of protein and also triggers adequate keratin production.

Salmon: These are chock full of Omega 3 fatty acids, highly essential for that healthy, glossy mane you were lusting after. Salmon also contains Vitamin D and protein, both needed for stronger hair. Consume alternatives like sardines, herring, trout and mackerel if you do not enjoy the taste of salmon. Vegetarians can rely on pumpkin seeds, avocados and walnuts for a healthy dose of Omega 3 fatty acids.
Whey Protein: Whey is loaded with protein, which is the main requisite for keratin production in the hair and nails. Without keratin, hair and nails stop healthy growth. It is therefore advised to include protein in your diet. Whey protein also keeps you fuller for longer periods of time, making it a favorite with people on a weight loss regimen.
Walnuts: Walnuts provide the much needed biotin that keeps away hair loss. Along with Vitamin E, these protect the DNA cells from damage.
Lentils: Lentils are loaded with iron, zinc, protein and biotin- vital nutrients for healthy locks and strong nails.
Spinach: The beta carotene, folate and Vitamin C in this leafy green keeps hair follicles and nail beds strong and healthy.
Sweet Potatoes: Vitamin A deficiency makes your scalp prone to itching and dandruff. Sweet potatoes contribute beta carotene required for adequate Vitamin A production in the body.

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