Which Foods Can Sabotage My Weight Loss Goals?

Which Foods Can Sabotage My Weight Loss Goals?

Which Foods Can Sabotage My Weight Loss Goals?

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Avoid all food with fat and sugar in them. Chips, are generally calorie dense and high in fat. Energy drinks, sodas and cold drinks are high in sugar. Frozen yogurt too comes with a lot of sugar in it. Also butter, refined flour topped with fat and sugar in pancakes work against your weight loss efforts. Ketchup in anther hidden calorie source you need to avoid.

These days quite a lot of people go on a weight loss diet and often they do it without minding the ground rules of dieting, which are very important to your health. Every diet regime, in fact, should be undertaken only if it promotes your health and not to merely change how you appear.

There are several tips that you can pull off from the internet, but the most important ones are always related to the food you choose to eat. Therefore, here is a list of some foods that can sabotage your weight loss goals.

Foods that sabotage my weight loss goals


Tucks such as chips turns out to be the most delicious when you are on a diet. But chips are generally calorie dense and high in fat. To put it in perspective, in 2 servings of potato chips you are basically get about 20g of fat.

Energy Drinks, Cold Drinks and Soda or Artificial Sweeteners

These drinks obviously hydrate your body, and energy drinks can even power you up for the extra mile of your day, but these are all high in sugar which makes them an unhealthy drinks. If you really want a healthy replacement, you can try infused water. These are really best for your health as compared to the sodas which are loaded with artificial sweeteners.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt may have other health benefits but when it comes to losing weight and dieting, it is pretty bad as it is loaded with sugar.


Ingredients in ketchup are high fructose corn syrup. If you take 1 tablespoon of ketchup than you are consuming about 4 grams of sugar.


Pancake can be one of the fastest way to satiate your hunger but the fact that there is a butter, syrup, refined flour topped with fat and sugar in it, make it stand against your weight loss diet.

Some of the other food items that you need to strike out from your list of grocery list while on a diet are vegetable oil, white bread, ice cream and any form of alcohol.

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