Foods That Can Downgrade Your Sex Life

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The following high calorie foods can set back your sex life. Fried food: It has lots of trans fat and can impact your blood sugar levels. Ice Cream and Cheese: Dairy products can make you feel languid and stir up negative feelings. Alcohol: It relaxes muscles, directly affecting your libido. Hamburger: The meat is processed and triggers hormonal imbalance. Opt for homemade eat instead. Donuts & Muffins: Disrupts glucose levels and destroys libido. Tap Water: It has chemicals and can lower energy levels.

Here is how some ingredients can influence your sex life, but not in the good way.

Fried food

Chips, fries or any other fried food are abundant with trans fat and have bad impact on the sugar in your blood, which will make you feel pretty listless. And when you’re lacking energy, hardly will you be in the mood for sexual games.

Ice cream and cheese

Too much dairy products will make you feel languid and will stir up all those negative symptoms that come in a package with menstruation (spasms and inflation). You can afford these products only from time to time, and if you keep to this rule, you’ll soon feel the difference.


Despite the common belief that alcohol is going to make you relaxed, it will actually have a negative influence on your libido. If you’re not satisfied with your sex life and you drink often, alcohol might be the cause of your problem.

Hamburger and Hot Dog

Meat and sausages that are used in these products are full of chemicals that cause hormonal imbalance. Stop eating this kind of meat, and eat the healthier one that you prepare it yourself.

Muffins and Donuts

If you take in too much sugar, the glucose level in your body will be disrupted, which will literally destroy your libido.

Tap Water

It can often contain synthetic chemicals that lower your energy level, thus lowering the desire for sex. Drink bottled water or install a filter that will improve the water quality.