List of Incompatible Food Combinations According To Ayurveda

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1. Milk

Milk is Incompatible With: Bananas,cherries,melons,sour fruits; bread containing yeast,fish,kitchari,meat and yogurt.

2. Honey

Honey is Incompatible With: Equal ghee by weight (eg. 1 tsp honey with 3 tsp ghee); boiled or cooked honey.

3. Yogurt

Yogurt is Incompatible With: fruit; cheese,eggs,fish,hot drinks,meat,milk and nightshades.

4. Fruit

Fruit is Incompatible With: As a rule, with any other food. There are exceptions such as certain cooked combinations, as well as dates and milk, which have the same rasa, virya and vipaka.

5. Grain

Grain is Incompatible With: fruit; tapioca

6. Hot Drinks

Hot drinks is Incompatible With: mangos; cheese,fish,meat,starch and yogurt.

7. Radishes

Radishes is Incompatible With: Bananas,raisins and milk

8. Beans

Beans is Incompatible With: fruit;cheese,eggs,fish,milk and yogurt.

9. Eggs

Eggs is Incompatible With: fruit,especially melons; beans, cheese, fish, kitchari, milk, meat and yogurt.

10. Lemon

Lemon is Incompatible With:  milk, tomatoes and yogurt.food_combination

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