7 Little Known Facts About Menstruating That Might Surprise Some Girls

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A lot of people think it’s weird to talk about period, but not us! Some of us may accept it as a natural part of our body’s functioning mechanism, some may downright hate it. The basic facts about menstruation show how there are really a lot of things many of us don’t know about it.  Let us take a look at some of the most surprising and interesting facts about menstruation.

Fact 1. Periods Decrease Cognitive Ability


The nausea, backaches and abdominal pain can actually affect the way a woman thinks and feels reducing her cognitive ability. Menstrual cramps can interfere with dividing attention span, selective attention and dividing attention between two tasks.

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Fact 2. Periods Can Change The Sound Of Voice


Hormonal changes related to menstrual cycles can brings about a lot of changes and can also alter a woman’s voice. The cells from the larynx and vagina are believed to be similar hormone receptors. A study proved that men can identify a woman’s voice when she is menstruating.

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Fact 3. Men Are Less Attracted To Women On Their Period


Men have a keen sense of smell when it comes to a women’s menstrual cycle. Animal studies have shown that a man’s testosterone levels are influenced by a woman’s scent, especially when she’s ovulating.

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Fact 4. Periods Can Make Women Feel Frisky


A women’s menstrual cycle is connected to her sex life. Progesterone levels are the lowest during this time which make women feel frisky. Another possible theory is the pelvic congestion during this month that can trigger or translate to arousal.

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Fact 5. Women Can Get Pregnant On Their Period


Women who have sex on their period should remember that they can get pregnant. Women who have a cycle between 28 to 30 days or more are less likely to get pregnant. Women who have shorter cycles have a chance of getting pregnant faster.

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Fact 6. The Average Period Releases Less Than A Cup Of Blood


Even though, there may seem to be a heavy flow, the blood loss during this time is not much. Typically, the first two days are the heaviest in term of blood discharge. The average amount of blood lost can vary each month. It ranges from a few tablespoons to a cup. Bleeding that leads to changing a soaked pad or tampon more than every two hours, calls for medical attention.

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Fact 7. Women Can Experience Vicarious Menstruation

7-Women-can-experience-vicarious-menstruation10 Little Known Facts About Menstruating That Might Surprise Some Girls

Normally women bleed from their uterus but those with vicarious menstruation can bleed from their eyes, ears, and mouth.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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