5 Eye Health Myths That Are Blurring Your Life

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Spending hours in from of the computer is fine as long as you take short breaks and maintain distance from the screen, looking straight at the sun while its bright can have negative consequences, carrots provide only a small amount of vitamin A. You must consume other foods like milk, cheese etc. Lastly, you might need glasses even after a lasik surgery.

We have all heard that spending hours in front of the computer can damage our eyes, as well as looking straight at the sun, and that eating carrots will improve our eyesight. We usually don’t know how true or false these beliefs are, and since it is important to educate ourselves properly about eye care, in this article we try to separate truth from some of the most common eye health myths.

Spending Hours In Front Of The Computer And TV Will Ruin Your Eyes

Using the computer will not cause you to lose your eyesight, but there are some negative consequences that can arise if you don’t make regular breaks, like eyestrain and losing focus. These might lead to headaches and brow pain, as well as dry eyes since we tend to blink less while looking at the computer. This can be avoided by making short breaks every 20 minutes by looking into the distance and by keeping the monitor at least 18 inches away from your face. Sitting close to the TV is safe for your eyes. However, it might give you a headache and if you need to sit close to the TV to see, this is a sign you might need an eyeglass prescription.

Looking Straight At The Sun Will Cause You To Lose Sight

This is true if you look at the sun for long periods and during a solar eclipse. When we look straight at the sun, we expose our eyes to harmful UV rays which can cause macular degeneration, corneal dystrophies and solar retinitis since our eyes store ultraviolet radiation. So, it is best to avoid gazing at the sun when it is very bright.

Eating A Lot Of Carrots Will Improve Your Vision

This is true to a certain extent since carrots are very rich in vitamin A, the nutrient crucial for good vision, but carrots will provide only a small amount of vitamin A. It can be found in other foods like milk, cheese, eggs and so on, and we can take it in the form of supplement, too. If you have any issues with your vision, eating carrots cannot make up for them and seeing your eye doctor is advisable.

Anyone Can Have LASIK Surgery And Get Rid Of Glasses Forever

Bladeless eye surgery, also called LASIK is a laser eye surgery, but not everyone is an appropriate candidate. You will need to undergo some screenings by your eye doctor to determine whether it is for you. LASIK can treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism, but the degree of improvement is different for every individual. Some patients may get rid of their glasses and lenses forever, and some might still need to wear a smaller eyeglass prescription.

Choosing Cheaper Laser Vision Correction Method Is Smarter

There are actually many different methods of laser vision correction and you will have to have a consultation with your eye doctor to determine which laser would best suit your condition. As with any service, the price is connected with quality, so getting a good quality surgery will probably be the most beneficial in the long run.

Prevention is the best approach when it comes to your eye health, so make sure you rest your eyes often when using the computer or reading, eat healthy foods rich in vitamins and go for regular checkups with your doctor.

Kate Flannery

Kate is all about the healthy life, though she is torn between organic and high-tech

Kate Flannery

Kate is all about the healthy life, though she is torn between organic and high-tech