6 Essential Things Every Responsible Father-To-Be Follows In The First Trimester

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The first trimester can be hard on a mom-to-be. Even before the bump starts showing, she already begins to experience the effects of hormonal changes in her body that result in a series of symptoms like morning sickness, backache, frequent urination, mood swings, strange cravings, exhaustion, digestive issues and so much more.

At this point, physical and emotional support from the partner can make the first trimester easier for her. However, this isn’t a cakewalk when you can’t fully understand what your partner is going through.

The first trimester could be challenging for a couple—more so for the father-to-be. This is the time when he has to keep everything as secondary including his own comforts because sincerely pregnancy is no fun.

Here is how a responsible partner responds to his wife and offers her care, affection and support when she is carrying a tiny life inside her.

1. He Understands That Having Sex Isn’t As Easy

At times, she would be in no mood to have sex—most of the times, to be precise. While there is likeliness of sexual frustration to strike him, he understands that he isn’t being denied of love. When you both really want to have some fun in the bed, it may not be as comfortable or enjoyable—finding the right position and letting her initiate it is the way to go about it.

2. He Believes That Pregnancy Emotions Are Real

The pregnant wife is the one who goes through a number of changes including the mood swings that can be too dramatic to be real—but, yes they are. She might bawl over the last ice-cream in the fridge that you ate two days back and you would have to simply apologize and calm her—there is no other way out.

3. He Knows She Feels Lethargic As Well As Exhausted

You find her lying on the couch, lazying around or taking a nap. No wonder, the baby is exuding the energy out of her body—while this may worry you, ensure that she is eating properly and having enough sleep for the day.

4. He Takes Care of The Kids While She Rests

If you already have younger kids or toddlers in the house, preparing for another one is easier, or maybe not? While the mother is coping with the usual morning sickness or simply wants to take a nap, you could instead look after the kids and let her have her share of ‘me time’ or simply some rest.

5. He Deals With Her Cravings And Believes Pregnancy Brain Is For Real

Her food aversions could be strange and she could be overwhelmed if you didn’t get her pickles or creamy chocolate donuts at the most inconvenient hours. Yet, that’s what pregnancy makes you do.

A pregnancy brain might make her frantically search for her car keys while she would have left it in the car the previous day. But, you understand it is not her but her hormones that make her act strange. More importantly, you don’t point out her flaws or joke about her.

6. You Listen To Her But Don’t Complain

She is carrying a human and it only gets difficult day by day. While she is nurturing your child, let her share her experience and flow of emotions—she might be scared or excited, probably in doubt about the name of your baby. Listen to her and make her feel comfortable in every possible way.

Don’t complain if she forgets cleaning the dishes or is slowly taking over your side of the bed. She is pregnant and the discussion ends here.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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