Effects Of Drinking Alcohol On Your Brain

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Alcohol affects every individual distinctly. While some may take their drink as a tonic for others their drinking habit might take a toll on their health as well as relationships. Know how booze affects your healthy living and follow these easy steps to control your drink.

“What are the weekend plans?” One question that is constant for every week. No matter, how many plans you end up making with your buddies, the answer is same always, “Let’s go out drinking, there is this new place…”

Alcohol acts as a depressant to your central nervous system which results in slower communication between the brain cells. Also, it affects the limbic system of your brain which is in charge of controlling fear and anxiety. Apart from this, drinking affects your prefrontal cortex as well – associated with reasoning and judgement.

Now you know why you end up calling your ex or hurting yourself in beer ping pong after a heavy drinking night.Lower doses of alcohol might not hamper with your body functions, however, once the dose gets higher your muscle activity, in turn, will be impacted.

Alcohol Affects Differently To Different People. Know How?


There is often that one guy in every group who drinks a tank full of alcohol and still manage to be in his senses. Oh! how jealous he makes the rest of us. Right?

Well, you might find it strange but the same pitcher of beer or any other alcohol for that matter affects every individual distinctly. The amount of alcohol entering your blood stream depends on various factors such as your body weight, muscle and fat ratio, health status and even your genetic structure.

While some enjoy munching while boozing there is another category too that does not prefer mixing food with drinking. Food reduces alcohol absorption in the body. Surprisingly, your mood at the time of drinking also results in after effects. Often people drinking with a bad mood gets sloshed easily.


Be Aware Of The Effects Of Binge Drinking

1 out of 12 Americans suffers from alcohol abuse. Drinking heavily over longer periods of time also known as ‘Binge Drinking’ can have a serious toll on your health. While nausea, vomiting are short term effects on the other hand long term effects can be much terrifying and prolonged.

1. Brain Damage

Remember those drinking nights when you have absolutely no memory what tomfoolery you did with your friends. Blackouts, memory loss and anxiety are common results of Binge drinking. Your drinking habit can even result in brain damage, affecting your behaviour and learning ability.

2. Increased Chances Of Cancer

If you think smoking is the only cause for mouth and throat cancer, the, you are thinking in the wrong direction. As drinking is the second biggest reason for these cancers. Also, according to a study on women’s drinking behaviour indicated that women who drink might be particularly vulnerable to breast cancer.

3. Heart Problems

Binge drinking may result in high blood pressure which increases the chances of a heart attack. In certain cases, it has also led to heart failure and dementia.

4. Liver Failure

Heavy drinking over a longer period of time results in fat accumulation in the liver which may result in ‘Alcohol Hepatitis’. Excessive drinking may even result in permanent liver failure.

5. Stomach Troubles

Excessive drinking can result in various serious stomach issues such as ulcers and internal bleeding. Binge drinking can even result in Gastritis which prevents absorption of food increasing chances of cancer.


Re-Invent Your Drinking Pattern

Your drinking pattern should be equivalent to your working session. Saying “No” is tough, we understand. How about you hit the bar the same way you hit the gym with one thought in mind – Don’t overdo it.
As per a study published in American Journal of Epidemiology, moderate drinking has been identified to show healthier effects.

1. Prefer Beer Or Wine Over Hard Drinks

Hard liquor might save you few calories but might cost you in the long run. Beer and wines are relatively healthier than hard alcohol. Also, these drinks are loaded with antioxidants that further reduce the risk of heart problems as well as cancer.

2. Light Is Better Than Dark Liquor

We understand how difficult it is to say no to uncle Jack. However, if you are dreaded of a terrible hangover, then, we suggest to either go for Vodka or Gin on the rocks.
Dark liquors have a higher concentration of toxic compounds formed during the fermentation which is harmful to your body as well as the main cause of a hangover.

3. It’s Time To Start Drinking Red Wine

As per a study published by Harvard Medical School in 2013, red wine promotes longevity and increases cell production which further protects the body from various diseases.

4. Be Aware And Do Not Overdo It

Make sure that you are aware of how many drinks you have had while boozing out.For an average man 5 drinks in one sitting is generally considered as the binge drinking category – make sure you are standing at a safer distance from this territory.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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