Effective Nutrition Tips For Achieving Your Workout Goals

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Workout Nutrition Plan

Most of us begin an exercise regimen expecting to lose weight, but end up increasing our cravings and slowing down our metabolism because of the calories we are restricting. This is because we often tend to neglect the “nutrition” side of the equation. Intensive exercise burns off a large number of calories and the body must be constantly refueled to enable it to continue working effectively and efficiently.

Thus, it is extremely important to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet to boost your workout performance. After all, an active lifestyle and exercise routine, along with eating well, are the best ways to stay healthy! Here are some pre and post-workout nutrition tips to maximize your workout efforts.

Fuel Your Athletic Lifestyle Sufficiently

workout nutrition plan

A balanced diet can play a major role in determining the level of an athletes performance. Including a range of foods from different food groups in your athletic diet gets you all the essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins you need for an efficient performance as well as for an overall effective health. Here is a recipe for a boost of energy to fuel your body needs as an athlete.

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The Right Nutritional Diet If You Are Exercising

workout nutrition plan

As you up your physical activity you also need to up your nutritional intake. Energy production, preventing injury/illness and muscle recovery are aspects your diet needs to cover for you when you exercise. For energy, consume high fiber carbs like oats and barley. Eating vegetables of all colors and foods which are high in antioxidants can keep injury at bay and for muscle recovery consume healthy proteins like beans, pulses, tofu and nuts.

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Common Diet Mistakes To Avoid When Building Muscles

workout nutrition plan

For an efficient muscle building workout make sure you fuel yourself before and after workouts with sufficient protein and slow digesting carbs. Eating less or in excess can back fire, but make sure you get the right nutrients, vitamins and healthy fats on a daily basis. Consistency helps achieve goals, so do not keep switching diets and strategies very often. Restrict cheat meals and have a fixed diet.

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Can Increasing Your Caffeine Intake Help Your Workouts?

complete workout and nutrition plan

Researches state that drinking coffee prior to your workout will have a marked effect on the total outcome of your fitness levels. Downing 3-4 cups of coffee without cream and sugar, 30 mins before your work out is recommended to give you that energy boost and accelerate fat loss. It is generally said that organic, whole bean black coffee is the one guaranteed to give all the benefits.

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3 Tips To Remember When Fasting Pre-Workout

nutrition after workout

Working out in a fasted state has been a commonly used method to help boost the rate of fat burning. But, you need to prepare yourself properly for this or you will end up just burning muscle tissue in the process, thus creating an environment for lowered metabolism. So, before you go off and decide to workout in a fasted state, here are 3 important tips you should keep in mind.

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You Must Have A Protein Shake After A Workout: Fad Or Fact?

best post workout nutrition

Studies show that protein consumption post workouts does not improve muscle anabolism. Instead it may result in poor protein digestion and fat deposits. Thus, it is advisable to consume low calories post workouts, preferably as whole foods. In fact, the actual ‘window’ is every 2-4 hrs, when you consume small meals through the day to help your body recover and sustain muscle mass.

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5 Tips To Help Avoid Post Workout Binging

post workout nutrition

A common problem fitness enthusiasts face is controlling the intake of calories. Rigorous exercise can make you crave and slip into an overeating spree. Here is how you can avoid that post workout binge.

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Right Time To Drink Lime Water, Before Or After A Workout?

pre and post workout nutrition

Strenuous exercise exerts your tissues, muscles and organs and sweating releases your vital body fluids. Drinking lime water after your workout helps replenish your body and prevent dehydration. It is advisable to keep a couple of slices of lime in your bottle of water to keep sipping throughout the day. This concoction is almost a must and it’s quantity of intake should be increased during hot and humid summer season.

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Post-Workout Chocolate Smoothie

nutrition post workout

Ready to sweat? This means, bidding farewell to all your chocolate cravings! Hold on..here is a protein rich post-workout chocolate smoothie recipe that you can enjoy without worrying about those extra pounds! Whether you are a runner, a cyclist or practicing yoga, this smoothie will refuel you after your work-out for sure.

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