5 Tips For Eating Healthy During Vacation

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Practice moderation while indulging in the local cuisine but if you go overboard, don’t feel guilty, just walk it off. Choose an accommodation that has a kitchen so you can cook healthy breakfast and food. Eat fresh fruits for snacks. Make healthy swaps while dining out, like eat a salad for appetizer and indulge in main course. Hydrate to flush out toxins.

Vacations are a great way to unwind, relax, explore new places and rejuvenate your soul. Changing your eating habits drastically during your travels can leave you feeling sluggish and unbalanced. Regardless of what type of vacation you have planned, here are 5 simple ways to still eating healthy during vacation and enjoy it. 

1. Practice Moderation

Of course, part of the fun of exploring new places is trying out the local cuisine. Want the homemade pasta AND the gelato? Why not get an appetizer portion of the pasta and ask for only 1 small scoop of gelato versus two. No need to deprive yourself. Maintaining portion control is key to indulging without going overboard. If you end up going overboard on the first night because you are simply too excited, do not beat yourself up about it. No need to feel guilty, just walk it off and start fresh the next day!

2. Dine In On Occasion

Choose an accommodation that has a fully equipped kitchen so you can prepare your own meals. Yes, going out to dinner and experiencing the nightlife is part of the fun but you can choose to eat other meals in your hotel. Prepare easy, healthier breakfasts in your hotel such as Greek yogurt with fresh fruit or egg white omelets. Going out to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner can also get a little pricey. You can even prepare lunch for the day, such as turkey sandwiches on whole wheat bread with carrot and apple slices. If your hotel doesn’t have a kitchen or mini fridge, choose a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast. You can make healthy choices by choosing eggs and fruit versus pancakes and muffins.

3. Bring Healthy Snacks

Try to incorporate fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet if possible. Check out local farmers markets, or pack a cooler full beforehand. If this is not an option, try getting packaged dried fruits and nuts. Have small, healthy snacks every couple of hours in order to not be so hungry by the time dinner comes around that you end up overeating.

4. Make Small, Healthy Swaps While Dining Out

Let’s say you really want that cheeseburger in paradise. Do you have to have the two slices of cheddar, bacon and a large smear of mayonnaise on it? You can easily save calories by swapping out the mayo with ketchup, requesting only 1 slice of cheese and maybe hold off on the bacon if you won’t miss the taste. If you are at a nice steakhouse for dinner, perhaps get a healthy salad as an appetizer to fill you up, and then splurge on a mini filet mignon instead of the large rib eye. If you can’t finish your meal, take the leftovers back to your hotel and have it for breakfast.

5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

Traveling and being in the sun can cause severe dehydration. Make sure your hotel room is properly stocked with plenty of bottled water. Bring water with you at all times if possible. If you are drinking alcohol, try having a glass of water in between each drink, especially if you are out in the sun. Constantly drinking water throughout the day will ensure that you are flushing out toxins and maintaining your energy level. Try these 5 simple tips the next time you are on vacation in order to stay balanced and rejuvenated instead of feeling guilty and out of shape when you return home.

Alexander Wise

I believe that living life healthfully shouldn't mean sacrificing things you love!

Alexander Wise

I believe that living life healthfully shouldn't mean sacrificing things you love!