Easy 30-Min Yoga Routine For Stress

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If you are stressed out, this easy 30-minute seated practice is exactly what you need. You will love this sequence if you want a day off from a more hardcore practice or to just unwind after a busy day.

In this video, we explore healing somatic movements by making gentle rotations with the body. Don’t worry. It’s easy and there’s no way you can do it wrong!!!

What Does The Video Offer?

For beginners, this class is ideal if you’ve been initiated into yoga but are looking for something soothing and relaxing. For the experienced yogis, even though this class is not a complex sequence or hefty workout, it is full of subtle alignment cues; it encourages self-exploration/discovery—ideal for the advanced practitioner.

This 30-min routine consists of corkscrew-type movements that help you stretch your muscles and relax. It includes breathing techniques to work your lungs and calm you down, relaxing shoulder movements, variations of child’s pose, spine-lengthening exercises such as the cat and downward-facing dog poses among other asanas.

NOTE: Make sure you use a block to prop yourself up. Remember, you can always use 2 or 3 big books instead if you don’t have a block at home.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Brett Larkin

Brett teaches vinyasa flow yoga at top San Francisco studios, companies like Google and Pinterest, and on her Youtube channel, where thousands of students have studied with her for over 5 million minutes. Get her free yoga playlists, yoga teacher training tips, and free dance, yoga and meditation classes at BrettLarkin.com. Beginner or intermediate yogis can enjoy her online course on deepening your yoga practice. http://bit.ly/1pniEQ7

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