Early to Bed, Early to Rise, May Not Make Kids Healthy & Wise?

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No matter what parents do, there is always going to be something or the other that their kids, other adults, society and any other bandwagons are willing to criticize them for.

On top of all the worries that come as being parents to their kids, new studies and scientific research adds a wholesome to that already overflowing plate.1

So, let’s rip that band-aid off quickly, for all parents out there. Ready?

The lead author of that study, Sarah Anderson, who is also an associate professor of epidemiology at Ohio State University’s College of Public Health, said that kids who went to bed after 9 p.m. since they were in preschool, faced a higher chance of growing up to be obese teenagers.This apparently proved true even when considering other factors that were known to elevate the chances for obesity.


Ta-da…so, yes this means that this screw-up was not just a short-term reprimand but something kids were made into- for life. But the ‘early to bed’ rule does have some benefits to it too.

Regular sleep schedules were also associated with lesser sleep-related problems such as insomnia, sudden awakenings etc.

Well, there is loads of advice out there that one may or may not have to take. So, a parent can’t be considering everything every expert says now can they?

Moreover, sleep is a good thing, whatever anyone says and there is no substitute for it. So, this study does not mean that sleep is now negotiable.

Scientists may suggest anything, but unless they have dealt with or can provide some hypnotic skill that will convince a screaming or wailing preschooler, who just wants to watch a little more of his favorite cartoon, with the hope that the parents can get some time of their own…then no.

So, for now, getting them to brush their teeth, pee, getting them to take a bath, getting them in their pj’s, answer their quirky thought-provoking questions, wrestling them into bed, pee again, singing or reading them to sleep, every single day, makes it go a little beyond that scheduled bed-time, then that’s as far as they go in taking this study seriously.


Parenthood, who is to actually say what is right or wrong (even the best ones can get messed up). We all are human, not God, and so are they. Parenting also comes with a steeper learning curve than any other ‘paying’ job out there. Yes, even maybe that of a coal-miner or nuclear scientist (unless you can think of something harder)

Besides getting helpful advice, I think it can get tiring to hear certain studies that challenge the tried-and-true, not that there is anything wrong with that.
Beyond some lab-science, parenting is insanely difficult and there is no book or internship that can teach them how to do that, in fact not even real-life experience with one can be enough.

There also needs to be advice that helps parents live and not survive. And I think parents and kids alike could all do less with the guilt-trips about what they are not doing or where they are going wrong.

But, enough of rubbing salt in that wound. What’s done, is done, so time to get the family a pair of running shoes and let’s awaken that inner Coach Carter and prove that study wrong.

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