Is Your Skin Bearing The Brunt Of Your Smoking Habit?

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Smoking accelerates the process of aging by increasing the loss of collagen and reducing skin elasticity. This leads to wrinkles and other signs of premature aging. Repetitive pursing of the lips is one of the main reasons why chronic smokers develop wrinkles around their lips and at the corner of their eyes.

According to the WHO, there are more than 1.1 billion smokers in the world. Most of us are aware smoking has several ill effects. But the most obvious signs are the ones that appear on the face. Wrinkles, crow’s-feet, and eye bags are some of the noticeable effects of smoking.

After the age of 20, our skin produces about 1 percent less collagen with each passing year. This means more chances of wrinkles as well as loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin.

Studies have proved that aging and loss of skin elasticity are much faster in smokers; thanks to the nicotine load and 3000-plus toxic chemical content in an average cigarette. Not convinced? Here are the top reasons how smoking can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.

The Way You Smoke Matters

does smoking cause wrinkles toxic smoke

Chronic smokers are oblivious to the fact that their facial skin and muscles assume a position while smoking. When you smoke, you tend to purse your lips, otherwise known as ‘smoker’s pucker.’ This repetitive pursing of the lips causes the skin to develop creases and fine lines. These fine lines then deepen, leaving behind deep wrinkles on the face.

What You Inhale Matters


A smoker gets exposed to over 7,000 toxic chemicals while smoking. Many of these chemicals are carcinogenic and are toxic to your body.1 The chemicals are extremely damaging to the collagen in the skin leading to increased loss in texture, paving way for wrinkles. Studies have proven smokers are 1.4 times more likely to develop wrinkles sooner than other people.2 On the bright side, smokers who had quit smoking were found to have lesser chances of developing wrinkles on the face.

The Link Between Smoking And Wrinkles

It is a well-known fact that nicotine in cigarette smoke is disastrous to health. It causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the superficial layers of your skin. Narrowed blood vessels could lead to impaired blood flow to your skin and inadequate oxygenation. In the absence of enough blood flow, your skin gets dehydrated due to lack of access to essential nutrients. This eventually leads to the appearance of wrinkles around the lips as well as at the corner of the eyes (crow’s feet).3

Don’t wait till your skin starts showing signs of premature aging. So, do your skin (and health) a favor, and quit smoking as early as possible.

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