Are There Natural Cellulite Scrubs I Can Make At Home?

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1. Place roasted coffee pods in a cloth and wrap around the cellulite area. Leave for 15-20 min. 2. Mix 1/4 cup coffee grounds, 3 tbsp sugar, 2 tbsp melted coconut oil and blend into a fine paste. Apply on affected area, massage and rinse with lukewarm water. 3. Mix 1 cup sea salt and brown sugar. Soak in almond oil, olive oil, and lavender oil. Gently scrub.

Cellulite is fat that collects in pockets just below the surface of the skin (on your stomach, thighs, buttock and arms) that seems almost impossible to get rid of. It causes the skin to look dimpled. Cellulite is a problem faced by women of all ages, because women characteristically have more subcutaneous (under the skin) fat than men.

Genetics, being overweight, physical inactivity, poor diet, dehydration, hormonal factors, age, poor circulation and other lifestyle factors like smoking and excessive drinking can lead to the onset of cellulite.

However, natural remedies such as simple homemade anti cellulite scrubs can help to exfoliate, tighten and rejuvenate the skin, thus reducing the appearance of unsightly cellulite.

1. Coffee Scrub

How it works

Caffeine is shown to reduce the appearance of cellulite when applied regularly. Caffeine tightens and provides antioxidants to the skin and stimulates blood flow resulting in smoother, firmer skin when applied topically. It is known for reducing water retention and increasing circulation.

In a 2008 study performed at the University of São Paulo, researchers found that an application of skin cream containing caffeine to cellulite reduced the size of cellulite fat cells by 17 percent.

Directions for use

Roast some coffee pods, and then put them in a cloth and wrap it around the cellulite area you can use a plastic wrap to do this too. Leave it on for around 10-15 minutes. The warmth of the coffee beans open up the pores in the skin hence allowing the caffeine to absorb in.

2. Coffee Grounds with Sugar and Coconut Oil

How it works

This body scrub is a natural remedy for cellulite and soft, smooth skin. The coffee grounds and sugar act as natural exfoliants, the coconut oil replenishes moisture back into the skin, and the caffeine stimulates blood flow to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

Directions for use

Take 1/4 cup of coffee grounds and 3 tablespoons of sugar (or brown sugar).Mix it with 2 – 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil to make it like a fine paste. Apply this on the cellulite affected part of the body and massage it on the skin for several minutes by using firm pressure and wash with lukewarm water.

3. Brown Sugar and Essential Oils Scrub

How it works

This scrub helps to get rid of dead skin cells, improves blood supply, and adds a glow to the skin. The oils nourish and moisturize the skin, while sugar and sea salt exfoliates it. Brown sugar is coarse. Hence avoid use this scrub on your face.

Directions for use

You can make this scrub at home by mixing 1 cup sea salt and  1 cup brown sugar and then soaking it in almond oil, olive oil and lavender oil. Gently scrub the affected areas in a circular motion for about 5 minutes to get best results.