Are There Ways To Detox From Inflammatory Foods?

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Avoid packaged or processed foods and use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt instead. Alcohol is inflammatory and loaded with toxins Choose tea, cold-pressed juices or sparkling water. Use almond or coconut flour in place of wheat flour. Avoid using processed sugar and use raw honey, organic maple syrup or fruits.

With the varieties available, we tend to constantly consume inflammatory foods which can have a great impact on our health. Inflammatory foods can lead to various illnesses, obesity and even depression. You must consider a diet of whole foods avoiding packaged and processed foods. You need not indulge in an intense exercise and diet if you consume good, healthy food. Here are a few common inflammatory foods that we generally tend to consume and how we can substitute them with the healthier!

Inflammatory foods you must avoid:

1. Sodium:

Use sea salt or pink Himalayan salt instead. Also, avoid any form of packaged and processed foods to cut down on sodium intake.

2. Alcohol:

We’ve heard before about how alcohol can be really bad for your health. Added to that, it is also one of the most inflammatory foods. It is loaded with toxins and can impact your health. Instead choose tea, cold pressed juices or bubbly water.

3. Wheat flour:

Use almond flour or coconut flour instead. They are minimally processed and are a great substitute for baking foods that typically contain wheat.

4. Cow dairy:

Use sheep or goat dairy instead. Another reason cow dairy does not work as well is because the feed is typically made up from genetically modified corn and soy which creates inflammation in the cows. Read the ingredients while choosing diary and ensure you pick a product that’s free of casein.

5. Processed sugar:

Use raw honey, organic maple syrup or fruit.


Edited by Pragya Sharoff