Here Is Why Dates Are The Healthiest Fruits On The Planet!

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Dates, your favorite snack in the mid-afternoons, are considered one of the healthiest fruit on the earth. This delectably sweet dry fruit has many health benefits that will leave you wondering, why shouldn’t you eat dates every day!

1. An Excellent Source Of Iron


Especially for people who are suffering from anemia, dates are an ideal food to bring their iron levels to normal. 100 gms of dates have about 0.09 gms of iron, about 11% of the recommended daily value.

2. For A Good Health Of Your Eyes


The lutein and zeaxanthin present in the dates are called “vitamins for the eyes”. They promote epithelial cells for good vision and can prevent damage to the macula.

3. One Answer For Diarrhea And Constipation


Dates are a rich source of potassium, which cures diarrhea. They help in maintaining a good and healthy flora in your gut. Dates can also help in easier and faster digest in the body. When taken at night, they release their juice, which works as an excellent laxative, and stimulates the sluggish bowels.

4. Can Reduce Labor Pain


Eating around 4 dates weeks before the childbirth can ease labor pains and reduce bleeding. Dates also help women to produce enough milk for the baby.

5. Regulates Body Weight


If you take dates on empty stomach, it will regulate your bowel movements and give your body necessary sugars. A handful of dates will keep you full, and can cut your cravings to eat sweet.

6. Protects From Stroke


This wonderful fruit is able to regulate the healthy nervous system due to its rich potassium content. Several studies have shown that higher intake of potassium can reduce risk of stroke by around 40 percent.

7. Brain Food


Dates are rich in phosphorus, which plays important role as a food for the brain. Dates are highly recommended for students and people who are engaged in intellectual work.