The Cucamelon Is The Cutest Summer Food You Should Be Eating

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Green, juicy, citrusy, and too cute to eat; say hello to the these too-cute-to-be-true mini-melons which has taken the internet and culinary world by storm. Cucamelon is a new trending food in the world today.

What are Cucamelons: Take a look at these mini lookalike of watermelon, and you will know why the world is going crazy about them. A native of Mexico and Central America, cucamelons are growing popular in United States. A cucamelon vine takes around 80 days to grow from seed to maturity, flourished with countless tiny, green fruits. You can easily spot them in farmer’s markets, but can also grow them at home.

Health Benefits: Don’t get carried away by it’s looks; cucamelons are to be the superfood of tomorrow. Low in calories and fats, cucamelons are an excellent food for those who are working hard to shed some extra pounds. They are a rich source of simplest natural sugars, fibers, and vitamins. They are also a good source of minerals and antioxidants, which can prevent risks of stroke, heart diseases, and cancer.

How to Enjoy Cucamelons: The juicy, crunchy texture make cucamelons an ideal addition to your salads. They can be eaten raw, drizzled with salt and dried herbs to balance the citrusy flavor. They can also be pickled with dill and mint, and used as garnishes.


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