Could Peeing Sitting Down Help Your Sex Life?

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Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains:

It has always been an accepted fact that girls should pass urine in a sitting posture, while boys should do the same standing. For girls, anatomically their urinary organs are designed in such a way that standing up and urinating would be very messy. For boys they have a better control over urinating in a standing posture, due to their anatomical advantage.

But the conventional peeing methods are now being replaced by a new sitting-while-urinating method for boys and vice versa for girls (only in certain conditions) for better hygiene and health. A partial squatting position while urinating may often be done by girls to avoid sitting on a potentially contaminated toilet seat. While it is uncommon for women to stand while urinating, this practice is becoming more common.

How is peeing sitting down related to sex life?

But does peeing sitting down actually help your sex life? The systematic review and meta-analysis published in a very reputed journal ( PLoS ONE) showed that, sitting while passing urine could lower the risk of prostate cancer and provide men with a more healthy sex life. Studies in Japan have shown that thirty percent of men sit while they pee, and countries like Sweden and Taiwan have put through proposals to encourage men to follow the same.

Researchers in the Department of Urology at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands examined eleven studies comparing the effects of sitting versus standing by using three different urodynamic parameters such as maximum flow rate, voiding time (the time that it takes to pee), and post-void residual volume (the amount of urine remaining in the bladder).

According to their research, they recommended that men with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) should consider peeing in the sitting position as they will be able to empty their bladders more by following this method. Residual urine in the bladder is associated with increased occurrence of bladder stones and urinary tract infection. But the same study has showed that healthy males were not influenced by position, meaning that they could urinate in either position.

Discussions about the optimal position in which to urinate and the benefits associated with it, have become quite common. The standing position is often regarded more masculine than sitting and as a way to differentiate men from women. Thus apart from providing a possible benefit of a more healthy sex life, men are encouraged to use the sitting position for hygiene issues as well.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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