Are You Doing These Common Hair Care Mistakes?

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Not brushing your hair before washing, using hot iron on damp hair, drying your hair intensively with the towel, getting a hair wash everyday, using a hair spray before styling - should be ideally done after, using your dryer or other heating products without any protection and teasing your hair to add volume can damage and decrease hair health.

We are all trying new remedies and products for thick, shiny and long hair! Even though you might be using the right product or remedy, you might be going wrong in the way you wash, dry or style your hair. Here are common hair care mistakes we tend to make, and how you can avoid them.

Common Hair care mistakes:

1. You do not brush your hair before washing it: You might not consider this step very important, and we tend to brush our hair only after washing. However, you should remember that your hair is very weak when wet, and also tends to tangle a lot. To avoid this, brush your hair before you shower. You could also do it in the shower, after applying conditioner.

2. Using hot iron on damp hair: As we spoke about earlier, hair is really sensitive and weak when dry. When hot tools are used on wet hair, it can damage the hair further. It can further weaken and stress the hair. So, make sure your hair is completely dry before using any styling products. Make sure you dry it, even if you’re in a hurry.

3. Being too clean: It’s important to keep your hair clean. This does not mean washing your hair everyday. When you do this, you will lose the healthy oils of the scalp leaving your hair dull. If in any case you have to, use water and a mild conditioner.

4. Using hairspray before styling: You must be familiar with the burning sound when you use hair spray before ironing. This is because hair spray contains alcohol and alcohol burns when it comes into contact with heat. Never do this mistake, apply hairspray only after styling or combing.

5. Do not dry your hair intensively with the towel: Wrap your hair with the towel and do the strands only with your fingers. Your hair might need more time to dry this way, but it’s healthier. Avoid using the towel intensively as it may lead to damage.

Also, remember to avoid using your dryer or other heating products without protection and avoid teasing your hair to add volume.


Edited by Pragya Sharoff