How to Clear A Stuffy Nose or Runny Nose?

How To Clear A Stuffy Or Runny Nose In 60 Seconds?

How To Clear A Stuffy Or Runny Nose In 60 Seconds?

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Acupressure is a effective, natural alternative that works by applying gentle pressure on 4 points on the face to relieve your blocked and stuffy nose. Points are located at the bottom of your nostrils, at the corner of your eyes, behind the earlobe and at the earlobe. Gently perform circular movements on these to get instant relief from nasal congestion using your fingertips.

How to Clear a Stuffy Nose or Runny Nose Quickly?

A blocked and a stuffy nose can cause you real discomfort. It can be a real pain as it can be one of the biggest barriers of good sleep. When I’m down with a stuffy nose, all I do is reach out for all the possible nasal sprays to help me get rid of this nasal congestion. However, I recently studied that these chemical substances have their own side effects and disadvantages. So, I tried a more natural alternative – acupressure to clear a stuffy nose. It uses gentle pressure to four points of the face to help you clear your nose. 

Get Rid of a stuffy and runny nose naturally:

Follow these instructions and you’ll see how your nose reacts to these:

  •  Make sure you use only your fingertips for the process to apply gentle pressure
  •  Use round movements, which is more like a pushing-releasing type of rotation
  •  Don’t apply excess pressure, and ensure you do not feel pain
  •  Repeat this cycle three times.

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Acupressure Points:

Point 1

Point 1 is located at the bottom part of your nostrils. It is located on a cavity at the corner of your nostrils. To start with use your fingertips and gently move your nostrils together in circular movements, closing and opening the nostrils. Repeat this movement at least 10 times. Only apply gentle pressure to the bottom of your nostril, and be careful not to push your nose cartilage.

Point 2

Point 2 is just below the corner of your eyes, near the nose. The joint near the bridge of the nose and eye socket is the area most affected with nasal congestion. Work on these pressure points together. If the pressure is applied properly, you will get rid of the mucus sooner. It will also relieve you from pain and congestion. 

Clear a Stuffy Nose

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Point 3

Point 3 is behind your earlobe, just below the cartilage. Gently push and release the point 10 times. The rotation you do is not wide, but a subtle movement. Make sure you don’t apply excess pressure on the cartilage.

Point 4

Point 4 is the earlobe. Massage this point gently 10 times and repeat the cycle.

Acupressure Points

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Repeat this procedure at least three times, with a 10 minute gap. This technique is safe and can be done at your convenience! Try this, and do let us know if it worked for you.



Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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