Actress Shannen Doherty Walked A Red Carpet Days After Chemo

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The bright lights and camera flashes went crazy, it was not just because it was an actress making a stunning red-carpet entrance, but making one after a painful medical ordeal, for a cause.

It was Shannen Doherty, everyone’s Prue in the 90’s series, Charmed.

Merely days after chemo for breast cancer, Shannen was walking down that red-carpet with her husband and photographer, Kurt Iswarienko, as well as her compassionate oncologist, Dr. Lawrence Piro; to raise awareness, and money for other cancer patients, at the Stand Up to Cancer telecast.1 2

She said, “I stand here to support every single person who has cancer, and I stand here to also support the husbands, and the family that has to go through it.”

Little does one realize, but the person with cancer is not always suffering alone, their families and loved ones are also hit really hard.


Shannen’s close friend and actress, known for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar, applauded her. She said Shannen has both, “stood up to cancer, and also given it a run for its money.”

After the event, Shannen expressed how much the event meant to many people including herself. She was humbled by people’s stories, and thanked all the volunteers, and those involved for making it happen. She especially thanked them for trying to find a cure or better alternatives for cancer.

Overall, it was an event where everyone showed the love and compassion needed to come together as a family for a true cause.


Shannen is almost finished with her chemotherapy sessions, at least the tough ones. She mentioned how grateful she was to Dr. Lawrence, her oncologist, especially for his enthusiasm in making every patient feel especially cared for.

In a post Shannen said, she respected Dr. Lawrence because he would always keep his door open, and give his time to answer any new questions she or any of his patients had. Be it listening to their qualms or placating their worries, no matter how different each cancer patient was from the other.


Moreover, Shannen also thanked her mom for being by her side. They even featured a series of monochrome photos where Shannen shaves her own head after knowing about her cancer, and is embraced by her loving mother, to stay strong.

An embrace that probably gave her the strength to walk down that red-carpet with courage!

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