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10 Health Benefits Of Licorice (Yashtimadhu) That You Should Know About

Licorice, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb, can treat peptic ulcers, orodental infections, and even upper respiratory tract infections. It can also protect your liver, heart, and brain, prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol, reduce hot flashes, and ease diabetes symptoms. Stick to the prescribed dosage since long-term intake can be harmful.

Having Mint During Pregnancy: Pros And Cons You Should Be Aware Of

Both spearmint and peppermint are used to deal with two common problems associated with pregnancy – morning sickness and indigestion. But excessive use of these herbs can be harmful during pregnancy, so limit intake. Peppermint tea should also not be used if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease.

5 Reasons Babies Sleep So Much And Why You Should Let Them!

Your baby may need between 11–17 hours of sleep a day and getting enough sleep is extremely important for their growth and development. Sleep helps with physical growth, neurosensory development, and brain development. It also helps babies learn better and may impact their temperament.

Is Alcohol Making You Fat? Things To Consider Before You Drink Up!

Drinking occasionally isn’t likely to make you fat, but heavy drinking could cause weight gain and obesity. It could cause fat accumulation in your liver and abdominal area, and pump in empty calories. Some drinks have sugar and calories comparable to candy bars or chips – indulging in these could cause fat and weight gain!

13 Health Benefits Of Bhringaraj You Should Make The Most Of

Bhringraj is a medicinal herb that promotes hair growth, eases pain, and treats skin diseases, dysentery, and epilepsy. It can also help you deal with asthma, bronchitis, and diabetes. It protects your liver, wards off gastric ulcers, and improves immunity and memory. Bhringaraj is also good for your heart.

8 Home Remedies For Tackling Indigestion During Pregnancy

Indigestion is a common complaint during pregnancy. Have small frequent meals instead of large ones. Eating bananas, drinking turmeric or ginger tea, and having honey can help. So can sitting up while you eat, cutting down on caffeine and fatty or spicy foods, and eating foods like yogurt that boost digestion.

8 Things You Can Do To Increase Blood In Your Body

To boost hemoglobin levels and ensure that your body has enough nutrients to make blood, eat iron-rich foods like red meat, chicken, and fish; vitamin C-rich foods like broccoli, spinach, and citrus fruits; folate-rich leafy greens, beans, eggs, and liver; copper-rich oysters, potatoes, and beans. Pomegranates, black sesame seeds, black grapes as well as herbs like nettle and Dong quai also help.

8 Health Benefits That Myrrh Essential Oil Can Give You

Myrrh is known to have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antitumor, and anesthetic properties. It can be used to treat wounds, fungal infections, bad breath, mouth ulcers, and joint pain. It can rejuvenate your skin and hair andreduce stress. Some of its compounds may be powerful enough to fight cancer cells too.

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How To Make Waxing Less Painful

Waxing is, arguably, one of the most painful hair removal procedures out there. Certain hacks can make this experience less painful. Avoid waxing during menstruation since you're very sensitive to pain then. Opt for sugaring over conventional waxing. Exfoliate and moisturize a day before waxing. Listen to music or try pain-relieving pills and creams to lower the intensity of pain. Wax regularly to build a tolerance to pain. Avoid caffeine since it lowers pain threshold.

12 Health Benefits Of Vidari (Pueraria tuberosa)

Vidari is a powerful herbal remedy that eases stress and boosts strength, endurance, memory, and immunity. It works as an aphrodisiac, lowers blood pressure, and fights inflammation. It helps control diabetes and epilepsy and protects your kidney from the damaging effects of toxins. Excessive use can harm your liver so stick to prescribed doses.

13 Potent Health Benefits Of Guduchi (Giloy): Herb Of Health

Ayurvedic and herbal remedy guduchi or giloy is a protective tonic that wards off infection and boosts your immunity. Its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties have far-reaching benefits, helping you fight upper respiratory infections, fevers, arthritis, skin and liver problems. It can also help you better manage diabetes and stress.

10 Health Benefits Of Kutki (Picrorhiza kurroa) That Are Worth Exploring!

Kutki or Picrorhiza kurroa is a herb known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Use it to ward off hepatitis, detox your liver, prevent nausea, and treat constipation and indigestion. Kutki can also improve cardiac health, ease arthritis, fight a fever, and even boost your appetite.

Is Avocado Good For Babies?

More nutritious than an apple or a banana, even 1/4 of an avocado can give a 7- to 12-month baby a healthy bowel. A half can meet 100% of her folate and 86% of vitamin B6 requirement. Being a complete source of protein, it has the 10 essential amino acids a baby needs from food and also has minerals like potassium and magnesium. But give your baby avocado puree only after she crosses 6 months.

Swimming During Pregnancy: Different Strokes For Different Moms

Swimming is a great way to relax and stay fit when you’re pregnant. It can also reduce pregnancy symptoms like back pain or water retention. Just ensure the water is clean so you don’t catch recreational water illnesses or expose yourself to problematic pool disinfectant byproducts. A little care can help you make the most of this low-impact aerobic workout.

8 Home Remedies For Nosebleeds That You Must Try Out

To tackle a nosebleed at home, sit down, lean slightly forward, and pinch the soft part of your nose so that your nostrils are closed for about 10 minutes. You can also apply a cold compress, a cypress oil or lemon oil compress, witch hazel, or pomegranate juice.