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8 Non-Surgical Treatment Options To Tackle Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a condition where the spine curves abnormally. Chiropractic treatment, therapeutic exercises, yoga, acupuncture, and massage therapy are some non-surgical treatment options. Biofeedback technology can also be used to correct posture. Taking fish oil may ease back pain associated with the condition.

7 Benefits Of Sitopaladi Churna: A Potent Ayurvedic Remedy For Your Health Problems

Sitopaladi churna is prescribed in Ayurveda to treat respiratory problems ranging from the common cold and cough to pneumonia, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. It boosts digestion, improves appetite, and fights seasonal allergies. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and may help with diabetes, anemia, and even migraines.

11 Factors That Can Cause Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy can be caused by harmless changes as well as serious conditions. Light bleeding can occur when the baby implants in the uterus or due to increased blood flow in the cervix. But it may also point to problems with the placenta, infection, ectopic or molar pregnancies, miscarriage, or preterm labor.

What Causes A Miscarriage? Risk Factors That Could Affect A Pregnancy

Miscarriages are never easy to deal with and many women end up blaming themselves. The reality, however, is that most early pregnancy losses are linked to natural causes like chromosomal abnormalities. Underlying maternal health problems and lifestyle factors may also cause miscarriage though these do not make up the bulk of cases.

9 Different Types Of Squats You Should Try!

Squats are a great workout for your legs, hips, abs, and back. Up the difficulty with a barbell aided back squat or dumbbell front squat. Push your core workout with prisoner squats, jump squats, or single leg squats. For less stress on the knees, try a stability ball wall squat or chair squat.

Health Benefits Of Dashamoola: Leverage The Power Of 10 Herbs!

Whether it is the pain and swelling from an inflammatory condition like arthritis, nausea and pain from a migraine, or cervical spondylosis-linked discomfort, dashamoola can help. It can also treat asthma, respiratory allergic conditions, and high fevers. Try it out to ease PMS and menstrual problems as well as flatulence.

10 Health Benefits Of Triphala: The All-Round Remedy You Need

Triphala has everything its ingredients amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki have to offer individually and then some more. It can strengthen your immunity, digestive system, and eyesight and even act as a cardiac tonic. Triphala can also help manage diabetes, UTIs, arthritis, and gout and even heal wounds or sunburn.

9 Remedies To Relieve Pregnancy Back Pain: We’ve Got Your Back!

Back pain is a common problem during pregnancy. Applying a cold or hot pack to the area, maintaining proper posture, avoiding lifting heavy objects, and using a firm mattress and supportive pillows while sitting can help. Practice back strengthening exercises and prenatal yoga or aquanatal exercises. Or try acupuncture.

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Health Benefits Of Kokum: 11 Reasons You Should Spice It Up

Kokum fights oxidative stress and inflammation. It also protects your liver, is good for your heart, helps prevent gastric ulcers, and eases anxiety and depression. It can treat diarrhea and diabetes, keep your skin young, and fight obesity and cancer too.

12 Iron-Rich Foods That You Should Tank Up On

Your body needs iron for muscle and brain development. For iron-rich foods, take your pick from red and white meat, seafood, leafy greens, beans, and lentils. Fruits like mulberries, Zante currants, raisins also add up. The surprising contenders include tomato puree, potatoes with skin, cumin seeds, and even dark chocolate.

9 Health Benefits Of Shankhpushpi: A Potent Herbal Remedy For You

Shankhpushpi is a brain-boosting herbal remedy that can help your memory and your ability to learn. But that’s not all – if you’re grappling with anxiety issues, tension headaches, insomnia, or even digestive problems like ulcers or dysentery, this is a remedy worth considering.

11 Health Benefits Of Licorice (Yashtimadhu) That You Should Know About

Licorice, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant herb, can treat peptic ulcers, orodental infections, and even upper respiratory tract infections. It can also protect your liver, heart, and brain, prevent atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol, reduce hot flashes, and ease diabetes symptoms. Stick to the prescribed dosage since long-term intake can be harmful.

Having Mint During Pregnancy: Pros And Cons You Should Be Aware Of

Both spearmint and peppermint are used to deal with two common problems associated with pregnancy – morning sickness and indigestion. But excessive use of these herbs can be harmful during pregnancy, so limit intake. Peppermint tea should also not be used if you have gastroesophageal reflux disease.

5 Reasons Babies Sleep So Much And Why You Should Let Them!

Your baby may need between 11–17 hours of sleep a day and getting enough sleep is extremely important for their growth and development. Sleep helps with physical growth, neurosensory development, and brain development. It also helps babies learn better and may impact their temperament.

Is Alcohol Making You Fat? Things To Consider Before You Drink Up!

Drinking occasionally isn’t likely to make you fat, but heavy drinking could cause weight gain and obesity. It could cause fat accumulation in your liver and abdominal area, and pump in empty calories. Some drinks have sugar and calories comparable to candy bars or chips – indulging in these could cause fat and weight gain!

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