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Why Do Toddlers Hit? 9 Reasons For That Violent Streak

Toddlers hitting others is not abnormal behavior. They do it to assert independence and also because they lack the necessary verbal skills and impulse control to check their behavior. They may also be copying caregivers who spank. Set an example, stand your ground, and they will eventually outgrow the violent streak.

Why Do I Cry For No Reason? 10 Possible Reasons

Do you find yourself crying for no obvious reason? Premenstrual syndrome, perimenopause, menopause, and depression could lie at the root of the issue. So can sleep deprivation, stress and burnout, pseudobulbar affect, postcoital dysphoria, vitamin B12 deficiency, low blood sugar, or thyroid problems.

10 Health Benefits Of Valerian: The Time-Tested Herbal Remedy

Valerian works as a sleep aid, relieves menstrual cramps, and reduces the frequency and intensity of hot flashes during menopause. It also counters stress, eases anxiety, and helps tackle obsessive-compulsive disorder. It may ease hyperactivity and improve focus, concentration, and memory too. As a sedative, it's often used as adjuvant remedy for several conditions like arthritis and cancer.

Average Baby Weight By Month: Is Your Baby Growing Normally?

The birth weight of a normal term newborn is usually between 5.5 and 8.8 pounds. Babies then generally gain an ounce a day for the first couple of months and about a pound a month after that. Check with your doctor if your baby’s growth pattern changes considerably.

Safe And Natural Birth Control Methods

Natural birth-control methods can be effective if used accurately. A popular option is to keep track of changes in your body temperature and cervical fluid while tracking your monthly cycle. Using fertility tests can also be useful. Lactational amenorrhoea, outercourse, and herbal medications also help.

Risks Of Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC): 6 Factors To Consider

If you’re due to deliver soon and have had a C-section before, some comforting statistics should make you feel better about a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). While risks of uterine rupture exist, the odds aren’t worse than when having multiple C-sections. What’s best depends on your health, age, and pregnancy complications if any.

12 Health Benefits Of Punarnava (Hogweed), An Invigorating Herb

Punarnava has an important place among therapeutic plants in ayurveda. This herb has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and adaptogenic properties. It protects your liver and heart and treats epilepsy, eye diseases, and kidney disorders. It also eases pain and helps manage high blood sugar levels.

How To Bond With Your Baby: 5 Things You Should Try

Skin-to-skin contact and lots of cuddles can help strengthen your bond. Responding when your baby cries and taking care of them when they are hungry, cold, or distressed also helps. Also try talking, singing, or reading to your baby, giving them a massage, and making bath time fun.

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Water Safety Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe At Home And Outside

Water safety is crucial for anyone with a child. Being aware of hazards and ensuring your children follow water safety rules could lower risk of drowning in the pool, at home, or out by the sea or lake. Temperature, cleanliness, and sunlight exposure too could make water perilous so stay informed!

Exercising During Pregnancy Can Benefit You In These 9 Ways

Wondering if exercising during pregnancy is a good idea? Engaging in low to moderate intensity exercise while pregnant reduces the duration of and exertion during labor. Not just that, it also allows for a speedy recovery after delivery and reduces the risk of pregnancy-related complications. While pregnant, steer clear of contact and high-intensity sports. Take to lighter forms of exercise like walking, stationary cycling, and swimming instead.

7 Compelling Tips To Build Your Child's Self-Esteem: Give Them A Head Start!

Children with good self-esteem grow up to be emotionally resilient adults who are prepared to handle whatever life throws at them. Show affection to your child, encourage them to freely express themselves, and listen to them. It is also important to love your child unconditionally, let them do things on their own, and praise their accomplishments.

How Much Weight Should You Gain During Pregnancy?

Ideal weight gain during pregnancy varies depending on your BMI. Weight gain recommendations include 25–35 pounds if you’re normal weight, 28–40 pounds if you’re underweight, 15–25 pounds if you’re overweight, and 11–20 pounds if you’re obese. Keep your diet healthy, exercise regularly, and aim at steady and gradual weight gain.

7 Ways To Help Your Child Focus Better

In the age of technology, it’s hard to get kids to focus. But, some simple tweaks can help them increase their attention span. Get them to practice yoga and meditation to improve concentration. Avoid multitasking yourself to teach them to focus on one task. Ensure that they have adequate nutrition and actively participate in sports. Ban gizmos in certain areas to enhance mindfulness. At home, break down tasks and encourage participation in discussions.

6 Harmful Effects Of Cellphones That You Should Be Mindful Of

An increasing dependence on smartphones leads to the fear of missing out and the need to constantly stay connected. This causes stress and anxiety. Prolonged use of your phone can cause depression, lower your concentration, and hamper your academic performance. It also hampers your vision, worsens your posture, and disrupt sleep.

Dental Care For Kids: 8 Tips To Keep Their Pearly Whites In Top Shape

Dental care needs to start early. Clean your baby’s gums and tongue with a damp gauze. Once teeth emerge, brush for 2 minutes twice a day. Limit snacking especially of sugary, sticky, acidic foods and give them a nutritious diet. Ayurvedic techniques like oil pulling and using neem chewing sticks can keep dental problems in check.