Psychological Causes of Premature Ejaculation

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A traumatic incident can lead to a temporary or lifelong premature ejaculation. An upbringing that condemns talking about sex. A lack of sexual experience, esp. in younger men is another contributing factor. Stress is also a major factor that increases PE risk. Psychosexual therapy is generally used to treat these issues.

Curejoy Expert Dipti Mothay Explains:

Premature ejaculation is uncontrolled ejaculation (release of semen) either before or shortly after sexual penetration. It happens with minimal sexual stimulation and before the person wishes. The failure to control one’s ejaculation can lead to many negative effects such as frustration, anxiety, depression and avoidance of sexual activity.

On the basis of a large US epidemiologic survey, the prevalence of PE has been estimated to be as high as 30%. The problem is often thought to be psychological [1].

Types of Premature Ejaculation

There are two types of premature ejaculation: lifelong (or primary) and acquired (or secondary).

Lifelong Premature Ejaculation

It starts early on, usually when you are a teenager experiencing first sexual contact. It is harder to treat and often has deeper psychological causes.

Acquired Premature Ejaculation

This indicates that someone started suffering from premature ejaculation at some point later in his life and is usually triggered by either psychological (stress, relationship issues, anxiety, guilt or depression) or medical causes (hormonal problems, injury, side effect of certain medicines, diabetes or high blood pressure) [2].

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Common Psychological Causes Of Premature Ejaculation

Early Conditioning

Many doctors believe conditioning can influence future sexual behavior. In other words, the man’s early, rushed and perhaps secretive sexual experiences had to be quick so as to avoid detection. It may later be difficult to break the habit.

Traumatic Sexual Experiences

A traumatic incident in life can lead to sexual problems such as premature ejaculation.


In an upbringing where sexual activity is only considered appropriate in certain circumstances, such as after marriage, many may find it difficult to relax during sex.

Sexual Inexperience

Lack of sexual experience, especially in younger men, can cause performance anxiety leading to premature ejaculation.


Experiencing stress due to various factors, such as pressures at work, worries about financial matters or relationship problems can affect sexual performance, including premature ejaculation [3].

Treatment: Psychosexual Therapy For Premature Ejaculation

Psychosexual therapy focuses on the experiences an individual and his or her partner(s) have with sexual function/dysfunction, commonly referred to as sexual difficulties. For these issues, seeking the help of a psychologist, psychiatrist or sex therapist may be helpful. Psychosexual therapists employ techniques and strategies from a range of psychotherapeutic approaches and/or theories, depending on the needs of the patient [4].

Approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, emotionally-focussed therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, systemic therapy, gestalt therapy, person-centred therapy, couples therapy, narrative therapy and psychodynamic therapeutic approaches have been widely used and proven beneficial in the treatment of premature ejaculation [5].


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CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.