Which burns more calories, Walking or Running?

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Gina Hodge

Curejoy Expert Gina Hodge Explains:

Whether you walk or you jog, the first thing you need is to pat yourself on your back for keeping your body moving. People have debated long enough on whether brisk walking or light jogging is better at calorie burning. Compared side by side for the same duration and the same distance covered, and without any deviation from standard intensity, joggers will always fare better than walkers in the calorie-shedding department.

What one needs to understand is what burns calories effectively and the only thing that does is “intensity”. So if you brisk walk for a longer period you might be able to beat your jogging partner at knocking off your calories. High intensity workouts that spike up your heart rate to 60-90% of its maximum capacity cause the most calorie burn. So target exercising 30-60 mins for 3-5 times/week, in meeting these benchmarks and the type of exercise will not matter.

One important thing that you need to understand is that no two bodies are the same and respond differently to exercise. Your body composition (muscle (lean) mass vs. fat mass) determines the calories you will burn with higher muscle mass leading to higher calorie burn. Also the type of exercise you do and the muscles that are involved will dictate the amount of calories consumed.

Decide on your choice of activity based on the time at hand, body endurance to cope with jogging or high intensity workouts, and personal choice. Duration, consistency and commitment are key, so select an exercise that you enjoy, and you are more likely to stick with it for longer period of time.

Exercise for its health benefits and forget the “calorie” metrics, and what you will eventually get as a natural byproduct is a healthy weight that you can maintain longer.