Excessive Bodybuilding May Cause Body-image Issues

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Studies show that those who indulge in bodybuilding are more prone to body-image issues like Anorexia Nervosa and Muscle Dysmorphia. In pursuit of the perfect body, they workout to achieve muscle size that in most cases is disproportionate to their height and weight. Avoid slipping into body-image issues by prioritizing fitness over looks.

Body-image issues are when you are overtly obsessed with the way your body seems, rather than how you feel. Body-image issues include Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia and Muscle Dysmorphia, conditions that make people want to have disproportionate muscle size. In many cases these conditions make people see a defect in their appearance that others can’t, causing them to push harder for a more sculpted physique. This lead to them being stuck in a loop, where weightlifting was causing body-image problems and vice versa. To a point where muscle size became at least 4 times the proportionate size, depending on the individual’s height.
A study showed that those suffering reverse-anorexia often wore larger sized clothes as they felt they were weak or had a small build, even though that was not the case. This fact was used to conclude that Anorexia Nervosa, Muscle Dysmorphia and other similar conditions were more likely to occur among heavy weight lifters and bodybuilders. Some bodybuilders who took the test, were pushing their body to a point of destruction, in pursuit of the perfect physique.
To overcome body-image issues, one should remember his/her limits and understand the difference between fitness and bodybuilding. There is a fine line between the both and you should be crossing it only if you have goals to compete in bodybuilding events and so on. Otherwise, just concentrate on fitness, track your progress and exercise to feel great.

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