5 Reasons To Use Bitter Melon Juice For Weight Loss

Can Bitter Melon Juice Help You Lose Weight?

Can Bitter Melon Juice Help You Lose Weight?

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Bitter Melon Juice For Weight Loss

Bitter melon juice contains enzymes that break down fat into free fatty acids. It also contains pancreatic beta cells which help stabilize insulin. It stimulates bile juice production that helps metabolises fats, has high water content and is low in calories. Drink juice on empty stomach. Add honey, carrot or apple juice if too bitter. Avoid anything for an hour after drinking.

Bitter melon (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter gourd is a vegetable-fruit that’s consumed all over the globe for its therapeutic properties. Bitter gourd is packed to the brim with a varied range of priceless nutrients, something that is uncommon in one single food. Just one cup of this super food provides your body with:

  • 78.1 mg Vitamin C,
  • 67.0 mcg Folate,
  • 17.7 mg Calcium,
  • 15.8 mg Magnesium,
  • 28.8 mg Phosphorus,
  • 87.4 g water,
  • 2.80g dietary fiber and
  • traces of Iron, Zinc and protein.

It is also extremely low in calories, carbs and cholesterol.1

Most of us tend to keep bitter gourd off our diet, because of its extreme bitterness, but if we knew how effective it is in burning excess fat, would we still avoid it in our diet?

How Does Bitter Melon Juice Help In Losing Weight?

Here are why bitter melon juice for weight loss is effective.

Breaks Down Body Fat

Body fat, or adipose tissue, is chemically composed of connected chains of fatty acids. Bitter melon juice contains enzymes that break down fat into free fatty acids, thus reducing body fat. It also lowers the levels of enzymes required for fatty acid synthesis resulting in lesser fat production. There have been several mechanisms proposed around this weight loss theory.2

Stabilizes Insulin Levels

Bitter melon contains pancreatic beta cells, which store and release insulin – the hormone behind regulating glucose levels in the blood. It helps stabilize insulin levels in the body. Elevation of insulin levels can lead to a sudden spike of hunger and heightened food intake, one of the primary reasons for obesity.3

Aids In Metabolism

Bitter melon juice stimulates the liver for secretion of bile juices, which aids in the metabolism of fats. This process is generally debilitated in those who are obese or overweight.4

High In Water Content

Bitter Melon is encompassed of about 90% water content, which helps suppress appetite. This provides necessary hydration and helps flush out toxins from the body, one of the causes of weight gain.

Low In Calories

According to USDA, 100 gms of bitter melon juice contains just 34 calories!

Drink bitter melon juice in the morning to reap all its benefits, best on an empty stomach. If it’s too bitter for your taste, add honey, carrot or apple juice. If you’re diabetic, drink this juice along with green apple juice. Avoid consuming anything for about an hour after drinking this juice. Combining this routine with 30 minutes of exercise everyday and a balanced diet can give you quick results.

Who Should Avoid?

  1. Pregnancy and Breast Feeding – Bitter melon consumption may be unsafe during pregnancy. It contains certain chemicals that may induce menstrual bleeding. Experts recommend avoiding it during breast-feeding, although there’s not enough justification to it.5
  2. Diabetes – It is known to help lower blood sugar levels. If you’re on medication and you consume this fruit, it may drop your blood sugar levels to lower than normal. Monitor your levels if you feel giddy or low in energy.6
  3. Surgery – Bitter melon may interfere with blood sugar control during and after surgery. It is recommended to stop using bitter melon at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.7

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Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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