The Best Way To Consume Water

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Best Ways To Consume Water

Water is a necessity to carry out several functions in our body. Even though it seems simple, there are right and wrong ways to consume water. Hot and cold water have their own benefits. And the water amount required can vary from person to person depending on their body type and lifestyle.

The core reason why we cook food besides tantalizing our taste-buds and exploring different flavors, is to make the texture and toughness of whatever we consume softer and easier for our body to breakdown and digest. Likewise, this also makes those nutrient-rich parts of the food more accessible after cooking, as it would not be possible to tap into that resource if eaten as it is.

By bringing your food down to a pre-digestion state, cooking also helps your body work less hard to take advantage of those nutrient banks trapped inside that food, allowing your body to acquire the needed nourishment.

Just as how we cook food, you can also ‘cook’ your water in such a way that you get to access the enriching and hydrating properties from it better. So here are three simple steps to help add to your drinking water’s benefits:

  • Boil some drinking water for 10 minutes.
  • Cool the water to room temperature, and keep it covered in a container.
  • You can drink the water right after this.

These simple tricks can make your drinking water healthier. However, here’s another interesting trick you can try. All you have to do is add one of these 5 ingredients to further improve the nutritional properties of your drinking water. Here are those ingredients.

1. Add These Seeds Of Good Health


You can add about 5 seeds each of cumin, coriander, and fennel for every ½ cup of boiling water. After boiling the water with these seeds for about 10 minutes, let it sit for a minute or two. Before drinking the water, strain the seeds out and let it cool. The flavor of the water may be a little bitter but it adds a cooling and refreshing aftertaste to your average drinking water. These seeds are also known for their gentle gut-cleansing properties, are good for stimulating digestion, and are believed to ward off bad breath.

2. Spice Your Water For Some Brilliant Benefits


Sandalwood, cardamom, and mint are known for their potent characteristics such as soothing the discomfort and irritability of our Pitta dosha (the body energy responsible for digestion, metabolism, and energy production) especially during the summer months. A pinch of these powdered spices could give your water a punch of flavor while adding a few leaves of mint can help cool the water down. The fusion of these ingredients gives your water and body a reviving feel to them. This mix is especially recommended for cooling your body down on a hot day.

3. Stir In Some Sweetness


Adding some organic and raw honey of about ½ a teaspoon to some cooled water does wonders in helping cut fat and lose weight, controlling those random cravings, helping manage your blood sugar levels, and clearing any excess Kapha (the energy that is in charge of protecting and governing the body’s structures like what keeps the cells aligned and what forms muscle, fat, and bone) in the body.

4. Add A Little Zing


By adding a little ginger powder or a teaspoon of freshly crushed ginger in your morning glass of water, you can boost your metabolism, clean your stomach and digestive system to facilitate proper functioning, keep your body warm, and even help reduce the excess Kapha and Vata (the energy responsible for all movement in the mind and body, such as controlling blood flow, elimination of waste from the body, breathing, and even our thought processing capabilities.)

5. Turn It Into Gold


Yes, you heard it right. Putting a piece of gold or even an unprocessed gold ornament in a pot of drinking water and then boiling it, can give that water an extra nutritional punch. However, make sure the gold is about 22 karats or higher. It could be a simple gold chain or ring with no crystals, other metals, or gemstones on it. The minerals from the pure gold can seep into your water and is believed to help boost the body’s immunity naturally.