Baby bump boogie – watch this incredible video of baby kicking in the womb

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Feeling your baby kick, punch and move inside your uterus is beautiful (and slightly crazy) to say the least. Watching it is even crazier. A French mum-to-be has posted a video that captures her baby’s movements and it is equal parts fascinating and freaky. Come and be the judge!
We’re all guilty of taking videos of our moving bellies. But one mum’s video, showcasing the intense movements from her son, has gone viral. And, after watching the 45 second video, it’s easy to see why!

Looks like this little one wants to escape the womb, even if it means ripping through poor mum’s skin! The little man is seen rolling, moving, kicking, punching and possibly even head butting as Mum films.

And, with a kick like that, it looks like this mum might be raising a future soccer star.

Can you relate to these crazy baby movements?