9 Secrets From Ayurveda For Great Digestion

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1. Eat Only When You’re Hungry

Eating when you are not hungry leaves you feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Only when your stomach is truly empty are your digestive enzymes strong enough to thoroughly break down your food. Learn to differentiate between eating out of necessity and eating out of habit. Take 3-4 hours of gap between your meals.

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2. Eat In A Calm Seated Environment At A Moderate Pace

Sitting down to eat your meals makes you focus on the amount you are eating and helps you chew your food thoroughly. Avoid walking and eating because you swallow your food sooner resulting in your belly doing more work than your teeth.

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3. Really Take In The Smells, Tastes and Textures Of Your Meal

Paying attention to the sensory details of your food matters! If you do not actively smell or appreciate your while eating, your body won’t either. Take time to soak in the smells, textures and tastes of your food. The stomach feels fuller after a meal and remains a lot more satisfied through the day.

4. Eat Freshly Cooked Foods

According to Ayurveda, not eating freshly cooked food will leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Avoid frozen and leftover food, and spend a few minutes cooking something new instead.

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5. Sip Warm Water Throughout The Day And At Meals

When you are hydrated, it is easier for food to pass through and you feel full faster. The body takes about 30 minutes to digest warm water whilst about an hour to digest cold water. That’s because the body has to work overtime to heat up colder water before it can absorb it.

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6. After Meals Give Yourself A Few Minutes To Relax Breathe Or Take A Gentle Walk

Many of us rush back to work before we have completed our last bite. Shifting gears so quickly hinders the body’s ability to absorb food, halting blood flow in the stomach and decreasing circulation.

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7. Eat Your Biggest Meal At Lunch

Eat your biggest meal at lunch giving your body plenty of time to fully digest before going to bed, which is when the digestive system effectively shuts down. An Ayurvedic principle states “when the sun is at its highest point of the day, the digestive fire is strongest.”

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8. Drink Ginger Tea

Ginger tea reduces bloating and is amazing after a heavier meal as it helps to burn through the sluggishness and headiness caused by rich food. Avoid drinking excess ginger teaas it could be harmful for people with acid indigestion.

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9. Unplug While You Eat

Look away from your phone or desktop screen as it distracts us from paying attention to what we’re eating, they also engage the nervous system, which can cause physical digestion to shut down.