How Can I Prevent Yeast Infections Naturally?

How Can I Avoid Irritating Yeast Infections Naturally?

How Can I Avoid Irritating Yeast Infections Naturally?

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Excessive moisture in the vaginal area encourages yeast growth. Avoid staying in same undies after a swim or workout. Don't go on and off with birth control methods as it disrupts pH balance of the vagina, causing infection. Don't use lubricants which contain glycerin. Don't douche regularly as it flushes away vaginal flora. Consume pro-biotics regularly.

A vaginal yeast infection is a common condition caused by fungus candida. It can get you really restless, and can be quite difficult to handle. If you’ve ever got one before, you know how you’d do anything to prevent it from re-occurring. Here are a few tips on how you could avoid yeast infections naturally.

Tips to prevent yeast infections:

1. Avoid excessive moisture:

Excessive moisture in the vaginal area can encourage yeast to grow. So avoid staying in the same underwear after a swim or workout. Change into clean, dry undies immediately to avoid yeast infections.

2. Avoid going on and off with hormonal birth control:

Going on and off birth control regularly can disrupt the pH of your vagina every time you go on and off. That’s when you may experience a flair up in yeast, causing infection.

3. Do not use personal lubricant with glycerin:

If you are prone to yeast infections, avoid using lubricants with glycerin. This ingredient is a sugary liquid, and yeast feeds on sugar giving way to infection. So, try avoiding this as much as you can, especially in your sensitive areas.

4. Don’t douche regularly:

Douching flushes away natural organisms and bacteria keeping your pH in balance. All you require is gentle soap and water on your outer parts as a supplement to prevent yeast infection.

5. Consume a low sugar and high probiotic diet:

Eating yogurt can be a great way to fight yeast infections. However, if it doesn’t appeal to your taste, take probiotic supplements instead.

Make sure you’re extremely particular about cleanliness and vaginal hygiene.


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