Are There Different Types Of Vagina?

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Yes, there are different types of vaginas. Some could have bigger outer lips and some could have bigger inner lips. The inner lips could be shades of pink or brown. Also, one labia needn't be symmetrical with the other. For some, the inner lips are completely tucked in. There's no ideal type of vagina and the way it looks is not affected by your weight or age.

Turns out, there are different types of vaginas. And there’s no such thing as a perfectly shaped vagina. But, before we dive into the truth, there are a few basics we need to cover first. Most of us refer to the entire external female genital area as the vagina, while it’s actually called the vulva. The vagina is a canal that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The lips that cover the opening of the vagina is known as the labia majora, which protects the inner lips known as labia minora.

The Types Of Vaginas

They Come In Several Colors

 The Types Of Vaginas: They Come In Several Colors

The vagina comes in a range of colors. The inner lips could be shades of pink or brown. That’s not all. Sometimes even the edges of the lips can be of different hues than the rest of the labia.

There Are Different Sizes

The Types Of Vaginas: There Are Different Sizes

There is no right size for the vagina. For some, the outer lips could be much bigger. For others, the inner lips could be seen extending out of the outer lips. In fact, a long time back, a vagina with big inner lips was considered strange and maybe unhealthy. Don’t freak out just yet. It was later dismissed and they confirmed it was perfectly fine to have big or small lips.1

One Labia Could Be Bigger

The Types Of Vaginas: One Labia Could Be Bigger

A lot of women feel the need to surgically alter their labia sizes, believing there is a standard image of a labia and it has to be symmetrical with each other. Here’s the truth: Your inner lips needn’t be symmetrical. One labia could be much bigger than the other and it could sneak out of the outer labia.

So, is there a number for the types of vaginas? The possibilities seem endless.

Most Popular Classification Of Vaginas

Most Popular Classification Of Vaginas

While we are on the subject of vaginas, it’s worth mentioning a former bikini waxer had once classified vaginas into five types.

Ms. Barbie: In this type, your inner lips are completely tucked in and concealed by the outer lips. This image of the vagina is considered to be normal and ideal by several people though the ex-bikini waxer believes this type to be very rare among women.

Ms. Tulip: In this form, the inner lips are slightly visible through the outer labia.

Ms. Puffs: Sort of like a Ms. Barbie but in this, the inner lips are situated lower on the pubic bone.

Ms. Horseshoe: The vagina appears with a wider opening at the top part between the outer lips.

Ms. Curtains: Considered to be the most common type of vagina. In this, the inner lips are visibly stretched and extended between the outer lips.

Remember, there’s no ideal type of a vagina. The way your vagina looks is not affected by your weight, age, or race. There’s nothing abnormal about its appearance. So, embrace your vagina, ladies!

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