All fruits are not too good

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It is the general belief and saying that “all fruits are good”. But it is important and mandatory to know that “all fruits are not too good” in certain condition.

This short note is to give a brief account of the untoward effect of the few of the fruits usually used. Chart below will help you to check what fruit is not suitable for you based on your health condition. Because, more than the nutritive benefit, the fruits contribute therapeutic benefits or adversities too. It is important to note that these are not the absolute contra-indications. Instead, excess of dependency over these by any of the reasons, are harmful.

Fruits Do not use excess in the following conditions
Apple Abscess, blisters, boils, mal digestion
Pineapple Gastric ulcer, gastritis, headache, mouth ulcer, ulcer anywhere in the body, diabetes mellitus, bilious vomiting, jaundice, skin  diseases, acne, burning chest, urinary calculi, dysuria, psoriasis, skin diseases, allergic rashes, eosinophilia,  worm infestation, abdominal pain, migraine, head ache, pancreatic disorders etc
Custard apple Mal digestion, spruce syndrome, diuresis, rhinitis, urinary calculi etc
Orange Acute renal disorders, acidic regurgitation, esophagitis, dysuria etc
Musambi (sweet lemon) Severe cold, tonsillitis, eosinophilia etc
Grapes Diabetes mellitus, acute renal disorders, diarrhea etc
Cashew fruit Gastritis, head ache, nausea, indigestion, liver disorders, splenic disorders, ulcers, appendicitis, urinary calculi, gall stones etc
Banana Indigestion, cough, cold, asthma, diarrhea, eosinophilia etc
Strawberry Severe mouth ulcer, tonsillitis, stomach ulcers, acidic regurgitation, skin diseases, headache etc
Pomegranate Constipation, gaseous distention of abdomen, urinary calculi etc
Guava Cold, asthma, chest congestion, indigestion etc
Sapota/Chikoo Diabetes mellitus, renal disorders, urinary calculi, abdominal ulcers, constipation etc
Jack fruit Diabetes mellitus, indigestion, jaundice, abscess, non healing ulcers, headache, gaseous distention of abdomen, heart diseases, infective disorders etc
Mango Diabetes mellitus, stomatitis, urticarial rashes, acidic regurgitation, gastritis etc
Musk melon Indigestion, diarrhea, allergic disorders like rhinitis, urticarial rashes etc
Papaya (partially ripened) Early stage of pregnancy, infertility etc
Water melon Diuresis, mouth ulcer, tonsillitis, renal disorders etc
Blue berry Neurological disorders, fatigue, dysuria etc

Knowledge of contra indication is important than that of knowing mere apt indications of the eatables. Yes! Classical details of each fruit, its nature, quality and indications will be explained in forthcoming write ups.