Bitter Melon For Diabetes: A Bittersweet Remedy To Manage Your Glucose Levels

Bitter melon can help reduce blood sugar levels, cut insulin resistance, and improve your glycemic control. It can also fight oxidative stress and inflammation associated with diabetes and protect from diabetes-related complications to the eye, kidney, and nerves. It also fights cardiovascular risks that diabetics are often prone to.

9 Health Benefits Of Artichokes: Why You Should Eat Them

Artichokes are rich in nutrients and also contain health-boosting flavonoids and fiber. They can help protect your liver, keep your bones strong, fight cancer, and manage blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. They also keep your bowels regular and ease indigestion. The prebiotic fiber content encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria that promote health.

7 High-Protein Vegetables Every Vegan Needs

If you have chosen avoid animal-based sources of proteins, you can still get all the protein you need from proteinaceous vegetables. These include leafy greens like spinach, brussels sprouts, and broccoli. Sprouted mung and alfalfa beans are also terrific sources of proteins. Soybeans, lentils, asparagus, and artichokes should also be included in your diet to meet your protein needs.

8 Health Benefits Of Chives You Must Know About

Chives belong to the Allium family as garlic, shallots, leeks, and scallion. The health benefits of having chives regularly include better eyesight, healthy heart and blood pressure levels, better bone strength, among many. Chives are known to have cancer-fighting properties. They can be had to detox the body and also to heal wounds faster.

9 Research-Backed Health Benefits Of Eggplant

Eggplants are loaded with vitamins, nutrients, and fiber. They benefit the heart, brain, skin, and bones. They can control and manage type 2 diabetes and improve digestion as well. One of the best things about these glossy purple veggies is that they have no fat, making them beneficial for weight loss as well. Eggplants are extremely versatile. You could roast, grill or bake them.

Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Eggplant

If you are allergic to eggplants, you may get rashes, nausea, and swelling and itchiness of the throat. The high potassium and fiber content in eggplants can also disrupt digestion if you've already had other foods rich in these. Because of their oxalates, eggplants are not good for kidney stone patients. They can also interact with antidepressants and give a false-positive result in carcinoid tumor tests.

Guilt-Free Healthy Snacking For Weight Loss

Healthy snacks can serve the dual purpose of keeping you going between meals and giving you the feeling you’ve indulged a little without ruining your diet plan. Whether it is a protein-rich split-pea spread on whole grain toast, a tangy soup, a fiber-rich homemade trail mix, a nutrient and antioxidant packed sweet treat of grilled fruit with cinnamon, or a hearty faux Thai noodle salad made from zucchini - snacking on a weight loss plan doesn’t have to be boring!

The 7 Sweet Health Benefits Of Bitter Melon

The distinct flavor of the aptly named bitter melon can be an acquired taste. In fact, if you have always steered clear of this odd-looking vegetable or balked at the thought of eating something so bitter, you have plenty of company. Yet, this melon or gourd is so chock-full of nutritional goodness that it's a good idea to work it into your weekly menu plans.

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Can Artichokes Protect Your Liver?

Artichokes are a delicious treat and can liven up a meal with their freshness. But this almost flower-like vegetable is more powerful than its appearance may lead you to believe. Researchers have discovered its hepatoprotective activity and abundant antioxidants make it a great ally in the protection of your liver. But can it actually help fix a liver problem before it happens or stop it in its tracks?

5 Reasons To Use Bitter Melon Juice For Weight Loss

Bitter melon juice contains enzymes that break down fat into free fatty acids. It also protects pancreatic beta cells which release insulin and stabilizes the levels of this hormone. It stimulates bile juice release to metabolize fats. Bitter melon is high in water and low in calories. Drink the juice on an empty stomach and wait for an hour before consuming anything.

Natural Ways To Lower High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is when cholesterol levels in blood become very high. LDL (“bad” cholesterol) is considered a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. LDL cholesterol is thought to irritate the lining of blood vessels, causing the arteries to harden. Natural Remedies To Lower High Cholesterol Vitamin B3 Also[.....]

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