9 Lung Cancer Symptoms Non-Smokers Should Be Aware Of

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People who do not have a history of tobacco usage usually dismiss lung cancer as a disease they are not vulnerable to. What they are unaware of is that lung cancer is the most common cancer in the world and has numerous other factors that trigger it, apart from cigarettes. It’s high time the world knew lung cancer is not merely a smoker’s affliction. About 15 percent of patients diagnosed with lung cancer every year are non-smokers. Here are some lung cancer symptoms even non-smokers should be aware of.

1. Persistent Cough


Everyone tends to suffer from a coughing spell now and then. But if it tends to linger for weeks and seems to intensify over time, it could be a symptom of lung cancer. Some patients are known to cough up blood or phlegm lined with blood during the latter stages of cancer.

2. Chest And Shoulder Pain


Patients who suffer from lung cancer will experience frequent chest pains.The pain is often described as a dull ache that usually lasts for long time periods. Another symptom commonly associated with lung cancer is the Pancoast’s Syndrome. It is characterized by severe pain in the shoulders and the muscles down your arm.

3. Neurological Issues


Neurological instability is a symptom often associated with lung cancer. This includes mental confusion, unsteady gait, and loss of memory. Seek expert assistance if you keep getting the feeling that something is affecting the way you think or remember facts.

4. Respiratory Diseases


Persistent respiratory illnesses like pneumonia and bronchitis could be a sure sign of lung cancer. You are recommended to take a CT scan or a chest X-ray to rule out the chances of malignant tumors in your lungs if this is the case.

5. Exhaustion-Induced Asthma


Do you suffer from wheezing or asthma every time you physically exert yourself? Asthma can be induced by many factors like dust, allergies, or smog; but could also be a sure sign of lung cancer.

6. Gagging


Lung cancer makes it difficult for you to swallow food and causes numerous throat problems for prolonged time periods. This is accompanied by the feeling that something is always stuck in your throat, which could be due to inflammations in your esophagus. Known as dysphagia, this happens to be a fatal symptom as the cancer patients who display this symptom are at an increased risk of dying.

7. Hoarseness


Is your voice turning hoarse constantly despite the fact that the weather is pleasant and you haven’t consumed anything cold? It could be because the nerves in your vocal chords have been weakened by lung cancer. This symptom is often mistaken for a throat infection and left untreated while in reality, it requires immediate medical attention.

8. Sore Bones


If your bones keep aching and the pain worsens at nights, it could be that you have lung cancer. The cancer cells spread to your bones, weakening them and making them sore. Weak bones can also cause you to get sudden fractures that are not related to any injury or accidents.

9. Unexpected Weight Loss


Though gaining and losing weight occasionally is quite normal, a sudden drop in your weight should never be ignored. Unusual weight loss is often associated with many serious health conditions, including lung cancer. This is because cancer cells use up all the energy in your body and can even control how the energy from food is utilized in your cells.