9 Foods That Unclog Arteries In a Totally Natural Way

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While there are many prescription drugs out there to help flush out your system and get things running smoothly, nature has also provided us with foods that have the same powers, naturally. These 9 foods can help unclog your arteries and protect your heart!

1. Cranberry Juice


Cranberries are another antioxidant-rich food. Cranberry juice helps to improve cardiovascular health by reducing LDL and raising HDL cholesterol levels. In fact, cranberry juice has more antioxidant power than all but one other fruit juice.

2. Fish


Fish is highly efficient in preventing clogged arteries, due to its high omega-3-oil content. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent plaque buildup in the arteries as well as oxidation of cholesterol and formation of blood clots.

3. Garlic


Dating back to ancient times, garlic has a long history of use in treating all kinds of heart-related diseases and hypertension. Garlic prevents the formation of blood clots and lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

4. Grapes


Grapes prevent the oxidation of cholesterol thus inhibiting the buildup of plaque on arterial walls. Grapes also lower the risk of heart disease and blood clot formation.

5. Oats


Unlike white bread and other refined flours, whole grains like oats bind to the cholesterol in your food and drag it out of your body.

6. Olive oil


This oil has a positive effect on cholesterol levels and oxidative stress in the blood stream. Olive oil is widely considered to be one of the healthiest oils for cooking and dressing food. The use of olive oil can actually reduce the risk of serious cardiovascular illnesses by up to 41%.

7. Pomegranate


Pomegranate protect the lining of the arteries against damage. Pomegranate juice stimulates the body’s production of nitric oxide, which helps to keep your blood flowing and your arteries open!

8. Spinach


Spinach is loaded with fiber, potassium, and folate – all of which help to lower blood pressure and keep arteries clear.According to recent studies, just one serving per day of folate-rich greens like spinach can lower homocysteine levels – a known risk factor for cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis.

9. Tomatoes


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is the pigment that gives them their bright color. Lycopene helps prevent the oxidation of bad cholesterol in the blood that leads to atherosclerosis. This compound becomes stronger when the tomatoes are cooked.