8 Unhealthy Foods That Are Bad For The Environment

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Eat healthy, eat clean, and eat planet-friendly. Yes, planet-friendly diet is a thing. You know about the foods that are not good for you, and there are foods that are unhealthy for the Earth. You will be surprised to learn about these 10 foods that are harming us and our planet:

1. Fast Food


Fast food is not just hurting our waistlines, but is also adding numbers to the exorbitant percentage of waste production every year. Wrappers, straws, plastic forks and spoons, tissues, condiment packets, etc. coming out of restaurants are the primary source of urban litter.

2. Foods With Palm Oil


Chips, crackers, candy, cereals, and almost 10% of U.S groceries contain palm oil. Around 40% of this cheap cooking oil comes from Indonesia and Malaysia, causing one of the highest rates of deforestation in the world. With the rain forests, we lost a great number of orangutans, tigers, and other endangered species.

3. Genetically Modified Foods


GMOs are harming our health and pose potential environmental threats that have been identified. Spread of altered genes, lower level of biodiversity, and creation of new diseases are few of the reasons why they are considered hazardous.

4. Meat


If every American chose vegetarian meal over one meal of chicken, the carbon dioxide savings would be as much as taking off more than one million cars off the U.S roads. Around 70% of Amazon forest was cleared to pasture cattles, and around 18% of greenhouse emissions come from livestock, which is higher than from transportation.

5. Non-Organic Foods


Non-organic foods need pesticides and chemicals which enter the water supply and cause soil erosion. Also, organic farming practices use 30% less energy and water than regular growing.

6. Packaged And Processed Food


Loaded with pesticides and wrapped in plastic, processed and packaged foods are produced with energy-intensive production processes.14 million tons of plastic is generated through packages and containers in the U.S. alone.

7. Rice


A major calorie source for half of the world’s population, growing rice takes away one-third of the planet’s annual freshwater use. Agriculturists and researchers are trying to come with irrigation methods that enables farmers to produce 50% more rice with less water.

8. Sugar


Each year 121 countries produce more than 145 million tons of sugar. This takes a great toll on the Earth, as sugar cane causes more biodiversity loss than any other crop. Habitat destruction, intensive use of water and pesticides, and discharge of polluted water are some of the reasons why they are hazardous to the Earth.