8 Amazing Benefits Of Squatting During Pregnancy

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Are you pregnant and looking at safe exercises that will help you stay healthy and fit during pregnancy and also help you enjoy a smooth labor? Have you tried squats earlier and want to know if it is safe to practice squats during pregnancy? Do you want to know of some specific squatting exercises that you can safely do without causing any hurt to your unborn baby?


If you are looking for any of the above, it is time for you to scroll down and check out our recommendations below, along with some safety measures you need to follow during this delicate phase.

Is It Safe To Exercise While You Are Pregnant?

While you are pregnant, once you have your doctor’s approval, it is safe to continue with some forms of exercise. It will help you stay in shape and will also help prepare your body for labor and childbirth.

Benefits Of Practising Squats During Pregnancy:

Squatting is a very old form of exercise. Here are some benefits of performing squatting while pregnant:

  • As your pregnancy progresses, your baby bump will start growing big. During this time, you may start face certain health issues as well as have fitness concerns. Squatting will help you stay fit overall and alleviate your discomforts.
  • Doing squatting during pregnancy will also help to stretch your lower back. It will help to relieve any pressure or pain you feel in the lower back area.
  • As your pregnancy advances, the center of gravity of your body will shift, making your body’s sense of balance go for a toss. Doing a squatting exercise on a regular basis can help your center of gravity stay in place and will also help to realign your body.
  • Constipation is a very common complaint among pregnant women. Squatting exercises during pregnancy will help to cure flatulence. It will keep your digestive system in perfect order, regulate your bowel movement and prevent any constipation.
  • When you squat instead of sitting all the time, it will also help to reduce the pressure you may feel on your pelvic floor. It will be especially helpful during your third trimester when the pressure on your pelvic floor will be at its peak.
  • Squatting is also one of the most natural positions for giving birth. If you decide to squat while you are giving birth, it will help to widen your birth canal. It will also help to provide more oxygen to your baby and will relax your perineal muscles. All these factors will help to reduce any chances of tears that you may otherwise suffer while pushing your baby during a vaginal birth.
  • If you choose to squat while giving birth, the gravitational pull will make it easier for your baby to travel through the birth canal and come out finally. It will also give your baby more space than any other birthing position to travel through, making it less stressful for both you and your baby.
  • When you practice squatting during pregnancy months, it will help to stretch and strengthen the pelvic muscles that will help you go for a normal delivery.