7 Things That Help Cope And Overcome Infertility Issues

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Don't be let down by a diagnosis, they work differently for people. Keep trying and stay positive. Don't get stressed by the result or consequences and jump to conclusions. If you just got off a contraceptive pill then try at least for 6 months, your body needs time to stabilize and get back to the regular cycle. Talk about it with friends and support your partner.

Infertility can be very hard to cope with emotionally and mentally, but being mentally stressed can also impact your infertility. They affect each other in some way, so its important to deal with it the right way. Here is what you need to keep in mind and practice.
1. Don’t Let the Diagnosis Dictate: It can be difficult to digest infertility or related news. Don’t believe it easily, putting yourself through stress and doubts will be a sign of giving up. Stay in the present and don’t worry too much about what the future holds.
2. Not Trying For Long: If you are under stress or taking contraception on a regular basis then you will have to try for about 6 months to say anything. Your body needs time to recover from the hormonal imbalance that contraception might have caused.
3. Know your Body: Every condition has specific symptoms, so make sure you observe every small change that you go through. Sometimes your cycle may have shifted from it natural 28-29 days, meet a doctor and take up  a sympto-thermal method to determine cervical fluid and basal body temperature.
4. Not Every Method May Work: Every body has a unique way of reacting to certain elements. Some tests may work for some and fail for others. So keep trying and stay positive.
5. Timely Sex: Having sex on a daily basis doesn’t improve your chances of conceiving, instead it stresses your body and may even create relationship problems. Just target those 5-7 days before ovulation, this will make sex more enjoyable and improve your chances of conceiving.
6. Don’t Compare, Get Support: Get in touch with people who have similar problems and discuss how you feel. Don’t compare your instances with theirs, as infertility maybe due to several factors.
7. Connect With Your Partner: Discuss your problems and stay close to your partner. You’ll are in this together, give each other the support to get out of it together.