7 Important Things For Your Vaginal Health

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You might think that you know how to take better care of things down there. Let’s get it straight; when was the last time you got your healthy vagina checked by a doctor?

Here are 7 ways to start right now:

1. Condom, The Protector


The best way to prevent STDs and pregnancy is to get the condom on him. Using condoms can keep the flora of your vagina in balance and help in preventing UTIs or bacterial vaginosis.

2. Strictly Cute Cotton Panties


Your vagina needs to breathe; it needs continuous air circulation. Cotton panties are a must for your vaginal health.

3. Work Them Out


Kegel is a crucial exercise for your strong pelvic floor muscles. Care for a highly sensitive vagina and capable of blinding orgasms?

4. Get Hooked To Greek Yogurt


Embrace a bowl of Greek yogurt more often. The good bacteria in your vagina get a boost in their growth and it helps prevent annoying infections and other similar issues.

5. Get It Checked At Least Once A Year


Talk to your doctor about your worries, condoms, pregnancy, and contraceptives. Let your doctor poke things down there to see if everything is in a good state.

6. Lube It


Vaginal dryness before sex is a normal thing. But having sex with a drought down there is painful. Play around with different kind lubes to get rid of this issue. Also, lubes make sex pretty hotter.

7. Cycle Responsibly


Hard core cycling can make your vagina go numb due to the pressure it feels on the seat. Majority of women who cycle often experience these symptoms. Wear padded pants or underwear to prevent this issue.

Disclaimer: The content is purely informative and educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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