7 Foods Strong With Iron To Add To Your Diet

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Iron is a mineral which is needed for some very important functions of your body. The main function is to carry oxygen throughout your body and producing more red blood cells. You will find this essential nutrient from these foods.1

1. Liver


Extremely nutritious, the popular types like liver, kidneys, brain, and heart are high in iron. They are also rich in B-vitamins, copper, and selenium.

2. Oysters


Tasty and nutritious, oysters are high in iron. However, the iron content is highly variable, and contains much lower amounts in various oysters.

3. Chickpeas


Dark turkey is a good source of iron, protein, and other nutrients which make your heart healthy, and weight loss pretty easy.

4. Fortified Cereals


Your favorite breakfast meal is loaded with iron. It contains no gluten, and is rich in folates, magnesium, and other nutrients.

5. Pumpkin Seeds


This tasty and portable snack is a good source of iron and other vital nutrients that help reduce the risk of insulin resistance, diabetes, and depression.

6. Soybeans


Satisfying and nutritious, soybeans are rich in iron and protein. People with iron deficiency should eat more of soybean and soybean sauce.

7. Beans


Beans are generally loaded with nutrients. Some of the common ones are chickpeas and soybeans. They can reduce inflammation in people with diabetes.

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